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All Green Doesn't Spend the Same

On this day, I am slightly overwhelmed. So much has happened in a very short period of time. I'm just trying to make sense of it all.

The weekend was wonderful, a great way to get my mind right to start the school year. I entered the building this morning channeling my Shoe Personality of the Week, ready to fill any holes and do what was necessary to make the wheel roll smoothly. And for the most part, it did. What I was reminded of today is the amount of wasted energy adults expend on non-issues. I'm sure that I'm guilty of this at various points of my life, but it was magnified today and I felt good not being a participant.

Many things are up in the air. Some of us had no titles. Some of us had not job descriptions. Some of our job descriptions didn't work for us. Some of us had no space. Some of us had no guidance. Others of us had no clue. Adults were freaking out, looking for another adult to tell them where to be and how to do what they were supposed to do once they got there. I had a few moments of that myself as a new entry to this environment. I was only asking for specifics, as I had already surmised generally what needed to happen. When I couldn't find someone in the know, I figured it out. Others whined. It didn't take long for me to assess that those who were supposed to be in the know didn't necessarily know themselves. In my mind, it left room for us all to do the best we could, no more and no less. As long as I was clear about what my best was in any given situation, the rest didn't matter. I managed to do what was asked of me, as well as what I needed to do, taking a few lumps along the way for logistical errors (that I wasn't responsible for) and pushing through.

At the end of the day, I left feeling comfortable that under the gun, I managed to dodge the bullet. That could be because some of my peers were busy shooting themselves, wasting time waiting for someone else to make decisions for them, and complaining when no one did. I smiled all through this hodge podge kinda day, and made sure to take a moment out to smile at and talk to the people who often get overlooked for doing the dirtier work. I officially have a "friend" in the female custodian and the security guard. Please and thank you go farther than we know and a smile will open up the world. I was reminded how valuable I AM in a situation that decided to treat me like trash. No matter, their loss. I will take that knowledge into everything I do, and make sure everyone knows that this is NOT a game for me. I take what I do very seriously. Something in me must have been too shiny. I hope they continue to shield their eyes from a far because it's not over yet.

My favorite stolen quote [today] is "everyone pities the weak. Jealousy you have to earn." I'd rather not engage with this emotion, but I've worked hard. I suppose this is my payment.

Watch me move.

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