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A B-Girl Love Story

This man gave me fever so bad that he almost ruined a past relationship.

Well, that's not really all there was to it. I have an ex who was sprung (how do I make these letters to actually spring on this page?) off Janet Jackson. This man was so in love with her, as a lot of brothers are. Some years ago Ms. Jackson, if you're nasty, did a tour that was aired live on HBO. It was an event and my ex and I planned to watch the show together. I was secretly excited by the rumors that Q-Tip would make an appearance to do their hit single, Got Til It's Gone. We lay across his bed together, as we often did, and watched as Janet performed her ass off. Body tight, abs washboard fresh, hair impeccable, and choreography SHARP!!

Janet wore her standard mid-riff top with her breasts pushed up like push pops and seductively squeezed together to call up fantasies of drizzled honey and darting toungues. Yeah...I read that fool's mind next to me and I think the drool barely missed my leg. I had to endure all kinds of "that's my woman," and "she don't know what I'd do to that." No biggie to me. Imagine him having the opportunity to meet her AND make enough of an impression to get to taste that honey. But then, stranger things have happened--J. Dupri. Janet was fierce and the show was pure fire! We were having a great time singing along and playing with each other until it happened. It was time for my song...the duet was coming up. I sat up and away from The Boy (that was what we called him, unbeknownst to him-sorry) to get a little closer to the television as Q-Tip came out on stage. He was barefoot and suddenly seemed really grown [man-ish] to me. I found that I was open beyond him being 1/3 of one of my other favorite Hip Hop groups, but that he was moving me as a woman. I was...wide open. I was probably dripping pheromones in the span of that duet, temperature rising like that Mobb Deep song.

I don't recall if I actually said a word related to my new appreciation for Q-Tip, but The Boy took it personally. He gave me his back literally and figuratively; I'm surprised I was allowed to stay over that night. We spent most of our nights together so it may not have crossed his mind to opt out, but there definitely was some love lost. That continued to be a sore point for a while, coming up over meal prep and passing each other on the way to shower. Aaahhhh, to be young.

We're clearly no longer together, but Tip, aka Kamaal the Abstract, still gives me fever. He's more man now than he was then, in years, experience, and artistry. His latest offering as a solo artist continues to grow on me, not leaving an immediate impression when I first heard it. Well, that's not true. I was left bored. I have since found the retro lounge appeal of We Fight/Love (feat. Rapael Saadiq). I work out to Manwomanboogie (feat. Amanda Diva) feeling connected to the Native Tongue days of old. Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, I can say I dig the album. Just as I'm coming to terms with my appreciation for it, Q-Tip is preparing to release Kamaal the Abstract. Anyone who is a real Q-Tip fan knows this album was slated for release about 5 years ago. It was dubbed the next album to go Double Wood by many, but perhaps we just weren't ready to hear just how abstract Kamaal truly is. We may leave the experience feeling like unevolved beings. I'm bracing myself because I think I'll just walk away a little more in love. I don't have to worry about it destroying my relationship since I'm on hiatus. I'm going to start putting my chips away for the concert ticket I'll surely need to ogle over my favorite Hip Hop Rock Star (if you've seen him on stage, you know what I mean).

Who'll be in line with me? Come get some of this fever!!
*swoonin-this picture is so swexy!!* (where swag & sexy meet)

Watch me move.

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