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Evolution of Personal Revolution (1 note at a time)

Tonight I fought crazy traffic, going nowhere fast, trying to get to the National Harbor to see Ledisi. It was an earnest attempt not to give in to the change in the air, real or perceived, signaling the end of summer. Last year the end of the work day guaranteed I was headed home to lay, cook, and lay. My life was linear, home and work, work and home. Caught in the doldrums, just trying to conserve and reserve enough energy to make it through the next day's surprises and trials. Working with children has a tendency to keep your spirit young and drain your body of every drop of energy you possess. They are simultaneously I.V. and leech.

I made a promise to myself that I would not let another school year be my life; I'm too young to be ac'in' all old: bed by 10, up by 5. To commemorate the start of the school year and my new commitment to self, I've promised to go to work tired every day possible this week.

Despite the rain, I haven't been deterred. The clouds have pressed on, the mug in the air has been tamed, and the songstress has taken the stage. A kite flies above, dusk is creating sultry patterns in the sky, a duck or 2 drifts lazily by and the water is talking playfully in my ear.

It may not be the club but I'm out here, and it's Tuesday. So far so good on my promise. Thursday I'll check out a trunk show and sip cocktails amongst the beautiful and fashion forward. Friday I'll welcome a treasured friend. Saturday I'll dance with wild abandon and try to clear something on my Bucket List. And Sunday, she shall rest. I hope to greet the children Monday ready for our new adventure with my heart, mind and belly satiated, ready to model for a fresh batch of 4 and 5 year olds how to live Bigger and Deffer.

The rain symbolized the challenges I'll face. Staying through it to catch Ledisi symbolized my ability to persevere and come out on the side of sunshine. Change is the only thing that's constant. I'm constantly changing.

Watch me move.

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