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Shoe Personality of the Week: 8/17

DC teachers report tomorrow. The summer has been a GREAT one and I have no complaints. So, the Shoe Personality for this week is new take on the Mary Jane. These sweet Dolce Vitas represent the new fresh attitude necessary to begin each year on a high note, and will prayerfully carry me through it. I hope these puppies have good arch support and a 6 hr window. In my mind, they're perfect and that's neither here nor there. Tomorrow morning I will don these shoes in my imagination and strut into the building with head high and smile beaming. There will be some I'm glad to see, others I could do without and hopefully I will have mastered giving just as much positive energy in either direction [a major stretch for me, but I'm working on it]. The minstrel show will begin and the costuming will surely be lackluster, but my shoe personality will be fierce and ready.

Watch me move.

**Note to my fashionistas: the shoe itself is '07, but the Mary Jane game has stepped it up since I was little girl. I went with the spirit of this shoe, don't fault me for the season.

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  1. Ok I am mad at the disclaimer... like we fashionistas were going to judge you or something:) Seriously, have a good day tomorrow.