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Shoe Personality of the Week: 8/31

You couldn't have told me that I'd wear a shoe like this. Technically, I still HAVEN'T bought or put on this shoe or 1 like it. But it's coming. I have recently made the shift back to the part of me I was trying to put away in [a rather successful] attempt to fully embrace my femininity. I don't rock my sneakers as often as I once did. I reserve ball shorts for the comfortable attire between my house and dance class. Sweats are sports related, field trips, or the grocery store and no longer standard, everyday wear.

Now, I'm literally bending and stretching the little bodies of my school and spend a great deal of time on the floor with tiny hands and feet all over me. It's great, but not for my dry cleanables or even my day-to-day gear. There's no room for buttons and bows, slacks or skirts. Even my denim is too constricting and too nice for all this physical activity. And lets not even speak of a heel.

So, now that my charge is to bring fitness, etc, back to early childhood, I must get it in with those who are still being pushed in strollers and jogging carts. These children don't walk, don't know how to play, and are certainly unaccustomed to purposeful movement. I just invested in the beginnings of my yoga wardrobe and I will NEED shoes to go along with it. A Puma fanatic anyway, I'm leaning towards this version of feminine athleticism--as I learn yet again to never say never.

Watch me make them move.

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