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Shoe Personality of the Week: 9/14

Last week I was in the middle of a resistance movement against the approach of fall. Friends and acquaintances, co-workers and students were all taking note of the changes in the trees and the nip in the air. I wore a jacket at recess one day last week, begrudgingly of course, to buffer the chill. By Friday, I was sitting in my car preparing to pull off in the direction of work and shamefully turned the heat on. It was breezy around my ankles in a way that would stay with me all day if I didn't rectify it early. Sun-roof closed, and heat on, Friday foretold the claustrophobic driving days of fall and winter ahead. I'm sick about it.

So...moving into acceptance, one must still be cute. Cute and comfortable are my fashion standards: start there and work your way up (or down depending on the occasion). This moccasin is adorable and looks like wearing your living room on your feet. Moccasins are one of those fashion staples that never officially disappears, but hangs out on the fringe (lol) for those committed to comfort, cultural appreciation (shout out to Native American inspiration), and, bold statements if you're willing to go there with a moccasin boot. Boots are in the future, and a part of it I'm not all the way ready for as my feet weep quietly from inside socks. We prefer to be free 'round here in any way possible...

And just as I accept the fall, I check the weather for the week and the 1st few days will be in the 80's. Gotta love it!!

Watch me move.

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