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The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...


Shoe Personality of the Week: 9/28

I don't believe (notice how unsure I am) I would actually wear these shoes, but looking at them makes me feel good. I was a Hello Kitty fan when I was little and she didn't have nearly as much stuff as she's got today. Hello Kitty is a major brand these days, and she's got friends I didn't even know existed. The girl's grown up and she's out here doing it big and clockin' these dollaz. I wish she had all this 'nalia when I was younger...some more stuff for my mother to tell me no, but it's all good.

These shoes make me remember when...
Back in the day/
when I was young/
I'm not a kid anymore/
but some days/
I sit & wish I was a kid again...

I remember when I was allowed to walk to school by myself for the 1st time...
...the Kwanzaa I received my 1st boom box and Billy Ocean's TAPE to play in it
...wanting that Woodstock (from the Peanuts Gang, loved him too) figure so much I just put it in my pocket when My Mom Said No
...telling Omar to close his eyes so I could kiss him, but walking away instead (he deserved that shit)
...Doin' the Butt at school dances
...kissin' my boyfriend Kevin on the back steps before my Mom came home from work (& really liking his friend Earl more)
...buyin Super Lover Cee & Cassanova Rud, Salt-n-Pepa, Doug E Fresh and Bobby Brown's ALBUMS for my 1st house party
...walking through the Citadel with Kim and Netta
...Du'Shawn GONE of that Easy Jesus (E & J) @ ________'s party
...sneaking out the backdoor of my grandmother's house to go talk to Mike cuz I liked his brother Richard
...playin the role of Left Eye in a high school talent show (but I only remember 1 of the other 2 girls)
...KoKo's bday party & Ma making coffee for the fools who came drunk
...throwin the Xmas present MJ got me at him (containing bottles)when I found out about that girl at his house over the wknd
...turning 17 with friends at Bennigans. It felt so big then
...Mary J Blige, Father MC and Jodeci with no parental tag alongs, just me & my girlfriends
...the pajama jammy jam me & Chaka threw & skippin school to go pick out our matching sets

These shoes remind me of when things were simpler. I'd buy them just for that, and keep them in the box. This week is dedicated to the spirit of beautiful days gone by.

Watch me move.


  1. Okay so I'm becoming a fiend of your blog, but this one took the cake. I am a huge hello kitty fan and have been since I was five (Kitty and I were born the same year). The shoes remind me of my 1st Reebok princess. I had to save up for them and mommy took me to Hecht's downtown to get them (now known as Macy's across from H&M). We walked to the counter and I took out my hard earned $34. Mommy proceeded to tell me to put half back in my wallet because she would pay the other half because I worked so hard to save the money (my allowance was about $2 a week).
    I rock my Hello Kitty as a daily reminder of that little girl who saved her money, the times that I could just sit comb my doll's hair for hours on end. The times that I thought that David Hasselhoff was cute and LeRoy from "Fame" was cuter (I know, I had issues). The times that my stuffed animals were my students. The times that my parents lived in the same house and actually loved each other.
    Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  2. A boom box with a Billy Ocean tape in it. LOL, that's like going to the mall back in the day and seeing a manikin wearing the red and black suede pumas with the fat laces, but wearing with blue slacks and a sweater vest.

    Oh yeah, the blog is dope. The courageousness and raw revelations are stirring. I'm watching you move, get 'em.