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Time Hell Bent

My adventure for today was to honor my civic responsibility and appear for jury duty. When I was younger the notices would come in the mail and, without opening them, I'd make a deposit in my nearest trash receptacle. Having NO faith in the judicial system, I saw NO reason to be involved. Yeah...it was some of that ass backward colo'd folk thinking. I showed for the first time around 3 years ago. The only real memories of it was the ALL DAY of it all. Perhaps if I had remembered any of it, I'd have found a way out of today.

This day has been a day in the life of livestock. Kept in a holding pen where food, water, and cell phone use were not permitted. A couple hundred adults were herded to and fro by our last names and the last 3 digits of our juror numbers. We wore our badges, prominently displayed like brands and did as we were told. When told the requirement for signing out for a break--the ONE time 15 minute occasion we were allowed--most of us opted not to bother. Instead we made private cribs within the larger pen, turning chairs to face each other in attempts to nap "comfortably" and lightly until our names were called again.

Our pen was hot, as there was no power, therefore no A/C, and the water wasn't working in the bathrooms. This was the equivalent of hot and sweaty farm animals, thirsty as all hell and smelling like ethnic market places. All that was missing was the flies. This is why I only eat beef when my iron count is low and my doctor recommends it's in my best interest. Consuming anything that lives like this full on a full time basis CAN'T be good for us.

My experiment was to last the equivalent of a full work day, complete with a disrespectful check for $4; the kind of check that's not even worth the effort to get to the bank (cuz who does that anymore?). Though bored beyond belief, I prayed in a voice I hoped was still human NOT to be selected to sit on any juries lasting longer than the current date. An hour and a half after returning from being allowed to graze and water, my prayers were answered and the gate to the pen was opened. True to livestock form, we all traveled as a herd toward the nearest metro station to catch some public trans home. They don't even pay you enough for this experiment to cover parking.

Thankful to drive to work tomorrow and be back in my natural habitat.

Watch me move.

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