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Twisted Fairy Tales & the Makings of Joyfully Ever After

My reflection tripped and fell between a rock and a hard place. It tumbled and tunneled, landing next to some chick name Alice in a place called Wonderland. It got distracted by the cast of characters Alice called friends. It gave her a chance to shake her emotional load off. She set down her half filled buckets of tears and the bag of hair torn out, 1 strand at a time. She folded and pocketed our map of the road to the town of Whole Women Live Here. She didn’t realize that this was all part of the design. This matrix was no movie but a real live construct created to send dogs to eat dogs in its world and see if the fittest truly do survive.

Drunk off tea, full off crumpets and full of laughter induced from watching a house of cards fall, unable to recognized it as her own home. Having spent too much time off her course and dizzied by the grin of that damn Cheshire cat, my reflection was too far-gone to see that her distraction would be our destruction. It’s hard sending smoke signals through glass. And my fear did NOT travel at the speed of light. I pressed the panic button and called in the guards of my nation to man my rescue mission: search and destroy, break the muthafuckin glass if necessary and drag the fractured parts of my being back to reality. Make her shake the cake crumbs off our map and place one anxious foot at a time back on the road to being whole.

Having one choice forces a decision, and if not a decision for change then for acceptance. My reflection quickly came to accept that change was the only choice and fell in line. She remembered how much she missed shelter and the dream of building a home. Heart open and mind ready, my reflection made it to the crossroads, recognized the friend in me and we silently joined hands. We talked without voices, becoming more committed with each step to the life we put a down payment on shortly before her leave of absence. I forgave that part of myself and welcomed her formally back to the fold. I gifted her a pillow for her bed in the home we’d share at the end of this road. We skipped onward and arrived at the door to our security…and sanity…and our smile. And we worked on joyfully ever after (cuz my grandmother said happiness is fleeting, joy is eternal) one day at a time, with love and in love with each other: aka Self.

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