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The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...


Laws of Attraction...or Something

Attractive doesn’t equal attraction. Attraction doesn’t equal chemistry. Chemistry doesn’t offer any guarantees. And then there’s timing.

Girl meets boy. Boy’s cute at first glance. Even at second glance He doesn’t disappoint. Girl and Boy share a meal, not one of girl’s favorites, but She’s open. Girl still thinks boy is cute. Girl hangs out with boy. Girl is intrigued, but to some Calculus is intriguing so this means nothing. It doesn’t spell the makings of “like.” Something about Boy makes Girl uncomfortable, but Girl hasn’t done this in a while and thinks maybe She’s a little too sensitive. She sends Herself a message to calm down and go for the ride. At times the ride is boring. Other times the ride feels like there’ll be collateral damage. No need to stick around for the chalk outline. Girl backs out. Boy doesn’t get it. Girl can’t figure out why not.

Girl meets another boy. Boy’s cute at first glance. Even at second glance He doesn’t disappoint. He talks funny, from somewhere else. Boy’s humorous along with all that cute. Boy’s also a little pushy. Girl’s just tryin’ to chill. Girl backs up, feeling like any psychic worth Her crystal ball would warn of a hit and run. Girl’s too old for that shit and backs up some more. Boy doesn’t follow, instead He’s in the waiting room with the other Boy.

Girl is intrigued by both boys’ inability to read the road signs. She wonders if they weren’t posted in their line of sight? She wonders if She overreacted and cut out too soon? Girl assumes if She has to think this hard about it, either They ain’t it or She ain’t ready. Girl thinks it might be a combo meal and bypasses the drive-thru. She loves her figure too much to be chewin’ on all this fat.

Girl figures She’ll see the signs when the time is right.

Watch Girl move.


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog. Will be back for me.

    BTW, I think this post is great, loved the voice and style!

  2. Girl has to realize that all boys are dumb! It takes us a while to catch onto how to read women. Even once we do know, you have those who will use there newfound skills for evil instead of good! ;-)