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Shoe Personality of the Week: 11/2

If you truly know me, you know the chances of me wearing this shoe or a shoe like it is lower than slim to none. Still, it is the shoe representation of where my head is right now--spaced out. So, that crazy bump on the head that felt all symbolic on Tuesday has been a literal pain. My vision has been at times as swirly as these shoes feel, and so has my stomach. Apparently nausea is a common side effect from a concussion. But, I'm durable, like the soles of this shoe and can't wait to be myself again.

For now, I must deal with feeling like I'm at sea when I'm on my bed and needing railings by my toilet to keep me up. I could do without the shooting head pains that remind me of mental lightning come to spark annoyance at best and glowing pain at worst. I don't see how football players and boxers deal with regular blows to the head. Maybe I just don't weigh enough to handle a blow with grace and panache.

This golden leprechaun of a shoe, is about as stylish as I feel right now. Like these Louis V's, a concussion is so NOT sexy.

Watch me move.

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