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Shoe Personality of the Week: 11/23

These are the kind of shoes that speak to the teacher in me. After all, I am the woman who wears Nike’s composition notebook sneakers. And I love them. If I was the teacher in the 3 yr old classroom, I might consider copping these strangely adorable shoes. But I’m not and therefore you don’t have to worry about looking down and finding them on my feet. Still, they feel oddly representative of the energy that looms around this coming week. Professionally speaking, there are those around me who haven’t done their job in the time-line given them, though there were a couple of shady attempts made. I’m no dummy and shot down efforts to sneak up on me with a haphazard attempt to blindside me. For some reason, those above me haven’t figured out that this isn’t how I operate. While I’m younger than most around me, I’m no slouch and not easily played.

This all presents a time-crunch that will negatively affect us all if it doesn’t go well. I predict that someone is going to get stung this short work week. I’m hoping it isn’t me. Because I’m feeling the energy already, my mind’s been working overtime trying to anticipate any and every move so that I’m the victor in this all. The point is just not to be caught off guard, to be able to put on the expected production that says I’m worthy of my....wait, I don’t have a classroom. Anyway, I’ll be ready, but I won’t allow anyone to try to bend me over, no Vaseline, and take me for a ride with an inexperienced driver who starts on the side of negative before finding the positives.

In the spirit of this shoe, if anyone must possess the stinger, I’ll be the bee. But I’m hoping just to be able to be sweet and use my honey for good.

Watch me move.


  1. I hear you honey as I find myself in a similar position. I am going to listen to Erykah Badu's "Clever" and let that be the spirit that guides me.

  2. I love the quirkiness of your blog. Using shoes for symbols-great!