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Baby "Shower" 2009

Chocolate City hasn’t been covered in white in a looooooooooonnnnnnnggggggg time. We’ve missed it and been spoiled. We’ve become resigned to the reality of no snow days, only the occasional 2-hour delay. Only in our dreams. On those mornings that have predicted snow that always manages to blanket north and south of us or east and west, everywhere but where we are, we’re left to trudge out into the cold and usually some wet nuisance that doesn’t qualify as real snow. But we’ve got it now.

As I’ve said before, I prefer my snow from the comfort of a ski chalet. A warm fire, access to hot cocoa or toddies, and the potential for some togetherness. Snow bunnies hopping off to celebrate old love, or the potential for new. Even being alone, amongst friends, at a chalet is better than being stuck in your home waiting for the dreaded Cabin Fever to set in. For those who live in snow-deficient parts of the country--Cabin Fever is when Mother Nature’s magic forces you to spend more than 24 hours stuck in your home with access to very little. There’s only so much canned goods, hot tea, and channel flipping a person can take without a change in atmosphere. That is...unless you’ve planned strategically.

This snowstorm had me waxin sentimental on what I can only imagine is the joys of such sharing. I’ve transported memories of sharing under normal circumstances, bunned up with the one I love, and draped them in soft white powder. Memories all a winter glow. The last time this happened I was between relationships and still living at home. Nothing sexy about being stuck in the house with the family, though we did have a great time snow-shoeing it to the store to save ourselves from the walls that were steadily closing in.

My white chocolate city fantasy would have me in my HOUSE with a fire place or a potbellied stove in my living room. There’d be plenty of fire wood and beautiful music playing in the background on shuffle. All our favorite foods would be well stocked. We’d watch movies eating Kettle Corn and drinking sparkling cider, wrapped up tightly under a throw. We’d fall asleep together, heartbeats in unison. We’d sup by candlelight on a blanket on the floor. That music would still be low in the background, transporting our mental spaces to other times and places shared. There’d be lots of kissing, food sharing and crumb wiping. Laughter would be a plenty. Candlelight would follow us to the bathroom where we’d bathe together, soaking in the hot water and soaking up much needed time together. There’d be board games, and reading lain across each other. Our phones would ring but we wouldn’t answer them. Text messaging would cease, except to sneak one to each other in an unexpected moment. Talking would eventually be at a minimum, a deeper language would emerge replacing words with bodies in synchronicity.

If my construction was different, by the end of Snow-in 2009, I might have secured that I look like the picture somewhere in late 2010.

Happy Love-making to you all & may next year's babies be born healthy!!

Watch me move.


  1. Beautiful, kinda sounds like my perfect scenario...too bad my reality involved cleaning projects, ghetto grocery stores, and an illness that is approaching with the subtlety of a mack truck. However, a bottle of Moscato rests on my wine rack, waiting for me to end my Nyquil induced haze and imbibe. But I'm afriad by the time I am healthy enough to engage in alchohol-induced debachery, my mother-in-law will be here and my dreams of late night love by the fire place will be dashed.

  2. You put a whole new spin on how snowed in could be quite fun.. KUDOS HIMBER