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Shoe Personality of the Week: 12/07

Friday night was cold. I'm still convinced my girlfriend visiting from Chicago brought the hawk with her on Southwest. And then came the snow.

I love snow. I think it's another miraculous example of the complexities of Mother Nature and the wonders of science. There's something pristine about waking up to things covered in white. The extra sparkle as the sun hits it makes it look like gifts of jewels sent from On High.

That being said, I prefer my snow from a ski chalet. I'd rather be atop a mountain in a cabin by the fire or at the top of a slope eyeing the hot chocolate (with milk, not water) prize at the bottom. Instead, it comes to add sloppy drivers to the weekend roads, or not enough to shut schools down and force me out in it AND possibly have to still do recess duty. The beauty of the snow gets tarnished quickly by having to layer up and burrow deep inside of down-filled outerwear. Tire tracks and dirty footprints don't help either.

This week, I'll be searching for my cozy. I'd love to find it in someone's arms, but since this is all about shoes, well, that's where I gotta go with this. To stay truly warm you must start with your head and your feet. I'd love to forego wearing anything other than flannel PJ's and slipping my feet into a pair of warm fuzzies.

By day, my tootsies will be covered in waterproof and sherpa. In my mind, they'll be kicked up by the fireplace at one of those aforementioned chalets dreaming of sun-kissed shoulders and Crayola colored popsicles. Warmth will have to be my state of mind.

Watch me move.

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