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Shoe Personality of the Week: 12/14

No matter where you fall on the style spectrum, it's winter time and it's time to make your cute winter choices. When I was little, winter footwear pretty much all looked like some form of the Moon Boot (hated those) and made me hate the approach of the season. I can't stand being cold, but even at a young age it was hard for me to go near those horrendous boots. Now winter time seems to be en vogue and states that usually don't invite the Chilly Willy are dipping their temperatures low. Houston got snow before the East Coast this year. DC got hit before Chicago. Next, Southern California will report a white Christmas to confirm the planet has gone to Hell in a hand basket.

Well, on your way there, sloshing through snow and ice, you may as well look at least as warm as you want your toes to be. These days, style options are FAR beyond the Moon Boots of yesteryear. Get in where you fit in--literally. And just because I'm pushing snow shoes, it'll be 75 degrees at least one day this week, Mother Nature turning her ass up at me, hating to be called predictable like any other woman.

Watch me move.

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