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Shoe Personality of the Week: 12/27

This begins the final week of 2009. The year has been incredible. Incredibly busy. Incredibly trying. Full of incredible trials that lead to incredible growth. It’s been incredibly harrowing for many leaving many of us feeling incredibly thankful for still being employed and free to chase our dreams while others are feeling an incredible sense of loss and despair. It’s been a time of incredible celebration of individual and collective achievements. Many incredible steps have been taken.

Appropriately so, I’m going to take my final steps of 2009 in the spirit of these silver kicks. Something about silver is always futuristic, a la space movies and Hype Williams videos in the 90’s. What better way to march into the very near future than in a futuristic type shoe? It’s subtly flashy and looks ready to support the coming days, white trim easy to wash, like I hope my troubles to be in 2010. It’s right on the edge of what many would assume is outside of what should be my fashion realm at my age. A testament that I resist such boundaries as often as possible and hope to continue to surprise myself and the world. The motto I’m hearing is “lets win in 2010.” It’s straight and to the point so I won’t waste precious irretrievable seconds trying to coin my own, it’ll do, ‘cuz doesn’t everyone want to win?

Set your goals, chart the path to your dreams, and personalize your own trophy when you reach them. Lets get all futuristic, enjoying today, but creating better tomorrows.

Watch me move

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