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Ringin In 2010

Every time I try to sit and come up with my message to welcome in 2010, I find myself drawing a blank. Walking, sliding, gliding, skipping, nosediving, stumbling or falling. However you’ve gotten to this point is very personal. Though many of my thoughts have been on public display for the last 6 months or so, I still feel like this time is just for me to reflect on the past year and what changes need to be made or what things worked and need to be stepped up. I can’t tell you what that is or has been for you and it almost feels disrespectful to act like I’m going to take up your time doing just that.

So. I won’t. I’m not going to bitch about what went wrong or shine a spotlight on what went right. I’ll simply share a revelation. This year is a return in my cycle to the Year of the People. My interactions with people are about to become more intense, testing my coat of armor and my abilities to trust my judgment. I’ve been hurt, like anyone else, through friendships and relationships in the last few years or so, enough to feel like I’ve been cut down to the white meat. It’s a rather unpleasant reality, and one that makes me hesitant in my dealing with my fellow wo/man. But this journey here was started, in part, to stop living in fear. So, I have to start taking steps into the sunlight with you, toward you, and be willing to just extract the lesson should I find myself in a spot of shade--instead of wasting time talking about how chilly it’s gotten.

I am, admittedly, scared and excited. No matter, I have no choice and must follow suit. So, I’ll just carry a jacket, in case I find myself in the path of a breeze I didn’t anticipate, keep an umbrella in my purse against any storms, and let the rest do what it do.

Watch me move.

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