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Shoe Personality of the Week: 01/11

FuckBump Groundhog’s Day! I don’t need a glorified rodent to emerge and see his shadow to know I’ve had enough and springtime needs to hurry her ass up. Yeah...yeah...yeah. I know the rap about how we’ve been spared the last few years with mild winters. That has no bearing on my lack of appreciation for winter. Yes, I was born in February, but it has NOT ensured that I’d grow into a snow bunny. It simply isn’t going to happen. So, I’m calling forth the spirit of sunshine, warm breezes, and butterfly kisses. I'm looking ahead to waterside picnics, grassy walks with the sound of rivers and streams rushing by in the background, starlit hand holding. I’m looking ahead to backs out, beach fresh, and stunner shades for every day of the week. I’m looking ahead to sundresses and SANDALS.

In my mind, I’m getting next to the Earth, with this wooden platform strappy number. And lets get some flowers blooming, even if it’s on the ankle. & if this shit weather don’t warm up soon, I’ma have to take my Shoe Personality on tour, in search of sunnier skies. Hell, at this point, I’d even settle for the 40’s. Mama Earth, be kind to your daughter. I work recess duty and the extreme cold gives a sista a headache these days [thanks to workplace injuries...]

May the sun shine in your heart and bloom flowers about your ankles. If you’re a woman, that is. Fellas, I wish you Popsicle (who knew this word counts as a proper noun?) shades on the kicks of your choice. Maybe I’ll dig some up and post them next time, in honor of the sneaker freak in you and me.

Watch me move.

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  1. Funny, I was cooking my typical cold-weather Sunday dinner after braving the grocery store and various and sundry other destinations today in the bitter cold and I suddenly and without reason thought about my Tommy Hilfiger espadrilles with the adorable plaid ankle tie and wicker heel. I pictured my foot in that shoe and saw myself strutting as only a cute shoe can
    make you do. I wistfully felt the soft silk blend of the cobalt blue wrap dress that I wear with them. I have worn all of my coats, I have worked my velvet blazer. As I child of Spring, I am more than ready for its arrival.