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My History is Black to the Future

Through my quest to understand my heritage, I am studying Black History with TV One this year. It seems to be the most intelligent option as I am stuck in my cabin suffering from the skyrocketing temperatures induced by being trapped. I don't have access to the African American Heritage Museum to learn more about the inner workings of my culture, or the library to check out a VHS copy of Eyes On The Prize.

So far I've been introduced to the complexities of the single black family through reruns of That's My Mama. Now I understand less about the adult black male's common decision to live in his room from childhood while playing the field. After all, what woman isn't attracted to a man whose mama still cooks his meals and irons his white boxers? And who doesn't want to have sex in a twin bed? Of course swingin' an episode with a man while his mama puts up her pin curls down the hall or upstairs from you is erotic. Are you whet yet? Me either.

In the history of sitcom television, I've been hit with the travesty that is the Denise year [and a half] of A Different World. We must've all been so deeply enthralled by the fact that there was more of the Cosby genius to go around that we all tuned in and suffered through Lisa Bonet's attempts at being a quirky college freshman. That the show survived her long enough to get to better times with the entry of better characters is a major feat. Good job! History was made.

Tonight as I watched Krush Groove for the umpteenth time, I'm reminded that rappers turned actors isn't such a new phenomenon. Run DMC played the hell out of their roles as...Run DMC. I've also learned that The Fat Boys were fashion pioneers. They gave us the skinny jean. It only took 30 years for them to catch a fire. Still, all credit is due to them for this grotesque fashion malady. But the contributions to Black History don't stop there. Kurtis Blow has taught me that the jheri curl could in fact be worn with white collars as long as your cool quotient was higher than the proof of your activator. I guess I passed on this hairstyle wonder for no reason. While we're on hair, hair growth has historically been a challenge for Russell Simmons.

There's a lot of annoyance, from some, these days about rappers singing. Ja Rule got on my nerves back in the day, making me question which side of the fence he was playing on. It didn't start there though. Kurtis Blow "sang" all through If I Ruled the World. And what about the tight 3 part harmony The Fat Boys came with Lets Get Funky? Seems like Ja and Drake aren't ground breakers (as though you didn't already know).

My horizons have definitely been expanded tonight. I am a better black woman for it and I am thankful to TV One for enlightening me on this blessed night. Bravo for doing your part for the community.


  1. You forgot Mink Vest so Andre 3000 was biting the bouncers style son!