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21 more things = 42

The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...


Not Another Day... p l e a s e

my mind has officially been whited out.

anyone who knows my mind knows that white isn't a color one would normally associate with it. but it's the truth. i'm not sure where i end or snow begins. i'm craving fresh air & sunshine like never before. lets not even talk about Spring Fever. i don't know how that damn groundhog could tell if he saw his shadow or not, with all the cameras & lighting set up to catch the shot, not to mention the shadows of the undertaker responsible for him, the camera crew & the annual onlookers. i don't trust the groundhog's word, but i also can't say i doubt his supposed prediction. winter is upon our asses with a vengeance, reminding us not to doubt the power of Mother Nature. she gives us a break and the warmer temperatures have screaming about Global Warming. the truth is, meteorologist say these kinds of trends are common, but everything is cyclical, & you just might not have been alive for the last cycle.

speaking of cycles, i'd give anything to ride 1 right now. hell, i'd be glad to fall off a skateboard just so long as it isn't happening in my living room. i'm craving the Botanical Gardens so i can be reminded of what flora & fauna are. i want to go to Sei & have a Liquid Wasabi to relish the combination of habanero peppers & ginger infused in sake (sah-kee for the uninformed). in theory, i want a Michelle Obama burger from Good Stuff Eatery, but know i can't really risk anymore carb-loading. oddly, i'm in the mood for rock climbing, real or simulation. i want to get in a good full body workout that doesn't involve an evil ass trainer or a TV/DVD program with an all-too-perky instructor who smiles through reps because s/he is busy checking others' form instead of really doing them. i want to sit at a bonfire & hear ghost stories. i want to be at the beach, in the tropics somewhere, listening to island music & smiling at local men. & when i leave, i want to leave them behind, cuz i saw how not well that went for "Stella." i've never lost my groove, no need to get it back--dust it off maybe... i want to play board games for money, & then have all the winnings go back into 1 pot that goes to ordering in. i wish there was someone who'd actually make a delivery right now; except that would require me to be in the house to eat it, so that's no good. i want to be on a plane, looking down on the few black ants traveling through all this white as i head to my escape route. i guess the closest i'm going to get to island thoughts is juicing this pineapple & this ginger. guess i better get to it.

somebody, please, give us free...

watch me
[try to] move.

Post Script-she ain't exactly who i see when i imagine Mother Nature, but for comedy sake...lets go w/her.


  1. But Michelle's gonna learn you tomorrow, doh!

  2. It's said that sometimes Mother Nature just wants us all to be still. I think this is one of those moments. With that said, I'm taking my butt outside to shovel just so that I can get some exercise. I haven't done anything in like a week and if I stay in here any longer, I might hurt my woman's neighbor, her husband and their loud ass kids!

  3. Cabin/Spring Fever is no joke. i actually lost track of days and thought yesterday was friday. if my team-mate at work hadn't mentioned a meeting today i would have been completely AWOL. winter sucks, man.