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Shoe Personality of the Week: 02/01/10

Celebratory zeal.
Zesty celeb status.

Last week marched me into the lap of nostalgia. Fond memories stacked like fine china in ya grandmother's cabinet. The kind that only gets dusted off, handled with care, and used for special occasions. Familiar faces were soon to await me in a place where so much of the woman I'd become was carved out and painted with the love of everlasting friendship.

This week I have returned from that trip and revel in rekindling...stoking low-lying flames, making more brilliant that which has become dull. These gold sequins, stacked high and uplifting, look how I feel. Despite the frigid temps here, even the ones there (sick about it), I have returned home warmed inside out and shall not be chilled by weather alone. This shoe is full of party, and HAPPY (fill in the blank for yourself!) I feel happy and golden and peppy!! As I trade in vacation, where I was a celebrity for 48 hours, to return to the grind, I will do so with my heart dipped in sequence sequins and dripping with golden possibilities.

I am Dorothy and I have traded in Ruby Slippers for Gold sequins.

Watch me move.


  1. Hey Sunshyne,
    Missed seeing your face in the place. But am glad that you were able to take a dip in your "pool of Bethesda", a biblical place of restoration. I love the N.O. as well. I have only been twice. The first time the city scared me and I was just an observer in the revelry. The second time, I was with my beloved and felt safe enough to enjoy ALL the city had to offer. The shoe is hotter than fish grease. And makes me want to put on my 5 inch pink sequin stilettos and make somebody watch me move.