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Shoe Personality of the Week: 02/15/10

SNOWtorious B.I.G. has come and gone, followed by the blizzardtastic event that came just days later, leaving us looking like Narnia, in the words of 1 of my bestest friends. I've tried to encourage spring to come with my shoe choices of late, but that damn groundhog must be right. Winter ain't checkin' out no time soon. In fact, I think it's asking for the turn-down service cuz it's about to get really comfortable all up and thru.

With the wall of snow outside my place of residence and the musical cars being played to snatch up the few spaces that have been dug out, I feel like Spring may have been swallowed up during a midnight craving of the Abominable Snow Man and we can forget it til Summer. If you weren't prepared before, expecting another punk winter like those we've had for the past few, it's time you knuckle up and guard ya grill. That applies to me too. My wish for strappy sandals and wedges is going to have to be put on hold until further notice. I've seen the crazies out in sandals and ballerina flats with no socks, exposed skin cracking and turning red. I can't be responsible for anyone making an erroneous decision to defy Mother Nature and pretend that Vancouver Winter Olympics haven't been misplaced in my own front yard.

So, I've decided that these Sasquatchian boots are my new best friend. They do come in black, to protect the Mongolian lamb fur from looking like your dog's butt after dragging it through the dirty snow. The brown ones just spoke to me so I posted these instead. Do what you gotta do to keep your tootsies toasty. & I'm going to do the same.

Sigh....over it.

Watch me move.

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