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21 more things = 42

The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...


Shoe Personality of the Week: 03/01/10

It's still a celebration!! I'm gon' be here, in this space, at least through the month of Pisces. Yeah...I believe in celebrating my Zodiac sign. Ladies of the Double Fish are awesome and we're having a BALL right now. My birthday, February 21st, is shared by many a great and creative mind, including the late and sorely missed Nina Simone. Pisces folks are just that crack. Try not to get hooked. Speaking of which, let me extend a Happy Belated Birthday to my sista in soul, Ms. Erykah Badu (2/26)!!

In honor of all us Double Fishes out here tryin to lace the world with the beat of our hearts, I offer you more silver. This time, it's a little smoky, and mature. After all, I am 35 now. If you know me, I don't look it, which means I can get away with whatever shoe I please, but this week is all about business. The business of writing is taking off for me. The business of networking to ensure the business of being NEEDED next year is in effect. The business of establishing my business/brand is upon thee. And lets not forget the business of being good to myself, first, and others.

This shoe is also in honor of those who've been good to me, or pushed me past my comfort zone and closer to this thing called Higher Self. My path is laid before me and when I fall off or can't see the next cobblestone, y'all send me back in the right direction, reminding me of my dreams. A roll call is in order, but it of course will not contain names (unless I know you're good with it). If you see your nickname or initials, this is my gift to you. If you feel you've been slighted, do know this isn't a comprehensive list, it's more in the moment.

A HEARTFELT thank you goes to:
Koko Butta
Real Talk
Big Slim
Reeci's Pieces
L Boog
Miss Ann
The Real 2nd Grade
DJ Soup

J.B. (though he'll NEVER see this, but just in case)
M.H. & A.D. (though they'll probably never see this either, but what our time together did for my mind & my heart is invaluable)
Mr. Keys
That Imperfect Cat

Again, if you didn't find your nickname or initials here, it's not because you aren't loved or valued. It's because in this immediate time, where I might've needed a foot in the ass, a reminder of how dope I am (you need to know how dope you are too), encouragement to keep chasing this dream, read my words on your phone to help me edit, or loved me in spite of and because of myself while I figure all this NOW out, you came through in ways I couldn't have asked for. Each day is a celebration of you all for helping to shape me. And for my 26 Followers-you're presence makes me blush. Now, if you 26 tell 26 to tell 26... You get what I'm saying. Lets grow this. Borrowing from my sister's genius--I'm an egg and this is my evolution.

Watch me move!!


  1. hawt DAYUMN that shoe is hot.

    is it bad that i'm having un-natural feelings towards it? like... carnal in nature?

    i can't... stop...staring at it.


  3. Hot dag-nabbit. That's the kind of shoe that you have to be GROWN to wear. Sheeet, I don't think that I'm old enough to rock that ish.

    Anyhoo, huuby has diagnosed my princess disorder and said that it, combined with my natural only-child status, causes me to think that things are about me when really, nobody is stuntin' my crazy arse. So I'm inclined, because of this particular affliction, to believe that the D.M. is me. If it isn't then I'm going to straighten up my tiara and keep it moving. If it is, a heartfelt thank-you and please know that you inspire me to pick my pen back up and do what I love.