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Laundry Listing My Life...for good

In my Google Buzz the other day I found a posting from a friend titled 30 Habits that Will Change your Life. I'm all about self reflection and, hopefully, the subsequent improvement to my overall game plan, so I dove right in. The 30 Habits was broken down into 4 categories: health habits, productivity habits, personal development habits, and career habits. I was pleased to say that of the 12 health habits, I already naturally do 8 of them, and a .5 on 1 of them. Like you, I need to increase my intake of fruits and veggies to 5 portions, from the 2-3 I'm presently working with. Oh, I also need to get back to my 30 min a day of exercise. The winter--Snowmageddon 09/10--got me off my dean and I'm struggling with the get back. It would be helpful if I could find a sponsor to support my dance habits, which would also include travel funds so that I could actually break up the local monotony...and if I hadn't suddenly developed a deeper love affair with my home and all its comforts and amenities. Definitely time to get over myself. Anyway, the 1st of the health habits that I've added to my routine is simply to drink a glass of water when I wake up. So far so good. GO ME!!

Then came the slap in the face. There were 10 productivity habits and I couldn't claim NOT ONE of them. NOT. ONE. I'm getting close to syncing everything on my computer. I've begrudgingly joined Blackberry Nation and I'm officially in need of a 12 step program [one month in.] I need to do A LOT better with my prioritization. I used to be good at it, but that changed up when I started to feel like I was living too rigid and needed to free float a little more. Balance. I've been fighting to wake up early, but that was to either assist with the health habits with that 5 a.m. workout or to be scheduled writing time for the book/s I NEED to crank out due to cranial overcrowding. I now need to go through and reorganize clean my work space, finish my automation process and give myself strict deadlines for completion. I dunno, but this all seems like I'm heading back to rigidity, but we'll see. The most feasible things I'm trying to work with now are checking email just twice a day no mention of Blackberries and taking one day off per week where I don't do ANYTHING computer related. Guess that includes writing. Damn...

After the embarrassment suffered from discovering just how unproductive I am, I discovered my personal habits need to be stepped up too. So, I'll be increasing the puzzles I work for brain stimulation [FUN], trying to read a book per week (while attempting to write 1...? I can feel the schitzophrenia developing), and waiting 48 hours before making any purchases. I need all the therapy that counterbalances retail therapy that I can get. SHOES OR BUST is my mind's motto. I MUST regain control. The one I think I'll skip is the 30 min of daily meditation. I've taken every chakra, centering and meditation class I can stand. It just hasn't worked. The closest I come to it is in the shower, and since 30 min showers, well close to, are my luxurious gift to self I choose to count this as a category fulfilled.

Last was the career habits. Just 2: start a blog [check], and build a portfolio [check...minus]. I'm a teacher. We live by portfolios. But I guess I'm not done. I'm more than a teacher and I need a portfolio that reflects the other talents I possess and exercise. My work is NEVER done. Luckily, portfolios have gone electronic. I can have it on my computer and sync it with my Blackberry that I'm sure will also be synced to the Netbook I intend to get for the convenience of being able to track and expound on my ideas in real time, instead of trying to remember to get back to them. Oh gawd...I feel like I'm preparing to become one of those people who live in Starbucks and the baristas know them by name. Thankfully I don't drink coffee, which means I don't have to cut it out of my diet to achieve a health habit, which means I'll waste no time there or lose any productivity.

Now, on to search the Want Ads for a personal assistant. She can handle this while I live spontaneously, read a book per week, and remember to get my 8 hours of sleep a night. Now what are you going to do to get your life in order?

Watch me move.

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  1. Blackberry's ROCK!!!!!! Of course that's once you get one that actually works!!!! Good stuff, especially for those of us stuck out in the middle of nowhere right now! LOL!