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At 11:15 a.m. the Health Care Reform Bill (HR who knows what...) will have President Obama's official John Hancock. The process to get here has left most of us confused, heads spinning as we listen to the words we understand on a regular basis strung together in unintelligible sentences that begin with, "The American people want..." if the speaker is Democrat, and, "The American people DON'T want..." if the speaker is Republican. I've never been clear on who is an American besides white people, so I'm unclear who does or doesn't want, and I'm just as cloudy on WHAT they do and don't want. I pride myself on being a good speaker and listener of the English language. I know how to use both a dictionary and a thesaurus when I'm challenged by a word or wish to know synonyms for it. Word usage has been a strong point on any standardized test I've ever taken, along with Reading--since they go together. Writing has been my other strong suit on these tests, as a matter of fact, any part of the test that didn't involve Math was my strength. So, maybe the words these politicos are using are code for equations I don't understand and therefore can't latch onto. Maybe, like I posed before, I'm just not American and don't understand the language. After all, the American is a different language from English.

So...then who are these Americans I keep hearing about from both sides? I know VERY FEW people who've actually understood the true ins and outs of this year long debate. The only parts they've been able to focus on is the need for change from the status quo so that ALL Americans people living in the U.S. are insured. I get that. But wait...we don't get the change yet. Now we have to wait for the people who speak for the Don't Americans to stall, and cry, and yell for another....year maybe? I think this process lasts long enough for the Do Americans to be voted out and some more Don't Americans to take their place. Then I think the Don't Americans adjust their stock portfolios to represent the changes they either won or didn't win so that they never lose any dollars. Make sense? Well, if it does, you know not to get too excited yet. Please believe whatever goes into this bill will be rejected on the many states' level. The goal for many is just to abort any Obama initiatives because their goal is to make ANYthing Obama touches fail because it's best for--you guessed it--THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

I may have to wait, like you, to see how this whole Health Care bill turns out, but I think my question has been officially answered. American is synonymous with White. Lets just gon' and make white a proper noun to distinguish it from what we know on the color spectrum. Cuz you can't color a cloud American, but you better color an American White.

& in case you hadn't noticed, while the Health Care debate was drawing to a close, they snuck raises in gas prices on you while your backs were turned. Happy Spring Break travel!!

Watch me move.

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