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Shoe Personality of the Week: 03/15/10

I have been happily celebrating the onset of my 35th year with good friends, good fun, and good food. The love I've received has been phenomenal, not necessarily as many hits in my email or snail mail box, but I couldn't keep up with the birthday sex texts (HA HA...thinking of Shai here) and Facebook love. I've been hugged and kissed by strangers and shared in the revelry that exists from simply being another dope Lady of the Double Fish. So many wonderful people in my life are floating in Piscean waters and all are incredibly talented and beautiful in their own right. I am thrilled to be a member of this exclusive club (not to hate on other signs, but...come on).

Last week I promised I would continue in the spirit of Silver...fish scales (can never have enough Pisces references)...water energy...celebration and exaltation. I also promised that I would do something for the fellas-all 4 of you who follow publicly, and one I know for sure reads from the shadows. This ain't even y'all's style, but it's just about adding a masculine spin. So, I give to you the Retro Silver 25th Anniversary Air Jordan 1's. The Sneaker Freak in me is all over this shoe. The shoe fanatic period loves any shoe so dope it comes in it's own attache case. This shoe would fit perfectly in what has been referred to as my shoe shrine. My dream is to 1 day have a house that has a room totally devoted to shoes. 12 step program, you say? Perhaps. Until then, I continue to build my shoe shrine, and 1 in it's own case deserves to be encased.

What's that gotta do with anything? Well, you know I always have to relate the shoe to life, right? This silver attache case symbolizes wealth to me. While most are out here chasing dollars, those come at us 1 at a time. I'm seeking wealth. Wealth of knowledge. Wealth of love. Wealth of joy. Wealth of meaningful experiences. Wealth of friendship. Wealth of support. AS WELL AS the wealth created by using my Wealth of Talents to build my personal empire. I would say the world is my oyster, but I tend not to like them unless they're breaded in cornmeal, fried, and covered in hot sauce. I don't want my success put through all those processes. The world is at my feet, which makes a little more sense for a post all about shoes. So, as per usual, I'm out here chasing mine.

I watched a wonderfully talented Piscean sister dance before a wonderfully talented Piscean sister who sang afterward. Their Rock Star energy, that part that gets out and does the damn thing whenever...lives inside me, deep down inside. Somehow, folks' reaction to me causes them to throw shade because the truth of me is wild when it's outside. I've been asked to scale it back a great deal over the years, causing me to take more care to dumb myself down to make others comfortable. I'm finding it harder than I expected to pull me back out of my own sort of...attache case...and force people to love me or leave me alone. I'm tired of my inner rocker living in the closet. I'm learning slowly to release her. The truth of the matter is, it isn't my fault if the next wo/man doesn't identify with their own shine. It's enough stunner shades out here for us all to be shiny. There's no need for anybody to have to tuck tail and hide away. So, me reclaiming mine doesn't negate yours.

The next time I'm standing next to you and it's a little too bright, don't walk away and cause us both to miss out. Pull ya shades out and stay a while.

Watch me move.

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