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Shoe Personality of the Week: 03/29/10


I'm in need of a royal reminder. Somewhere along this journey I gave co-pilotship (yeah, I be makin' up words sometimes) to a person who ejected my ass from the trip I thought we were taking together. I also discovered that he did care HA! enough to do me a solid and make sure my parachute was properly hooked up and prepared to engage. But then I forgot that I was wearing my studded and spiked pilot suit, growing into the Rock Star in me, and punctured my parachute on the way down and crash landed anyway. It's taken me some time do dig myself out of the [wo]man hole that my body created when I kissed the earth, but I did eventually get out....only to slip and fall back into that damn crater, not once, not twice, but three times. Hell, it could be more, I've lost count. I've cracked my face, broken my resolve, and shattered my beliefs. I've cried a river, swam in denial, and still managed to set adrift on memory bliss of you. I've stepped on my rose colored glasses, swallowed a bitter pill, and managed not to starve to death picking off some humble pie. Thought I was good, brushed the dirt off my shoulder only to have my swagger jacked. Now I'm going to attempt to get out of this damn crater one more time, with my dignity in tact. But I can't leave here til I find my crown and get it centered properly a top my woolly bully (bushy mane). I need a royal reminder. I AM BIGGER AND BETTER THAN THIS!! No better way to do it than with purple, the color of royalty. Today needs to mark the re-entry of my Purple Reign.

Of course my man Chris has something to offer to satisfy my double theme. The tribute to Louboutin continues.

Watch me move.


  1. so... why does that shoe make me want to have sex? i'm not even sure with whom.


    ok i miiiiight be having carnal feelings towards the shoe itself... :-/

  2. Purple was always the color that the cool girls liked. You know the girls who liked Prince more than MJ and that could rap the whole "La Di Da" effortlessly. (That was probably you) I never really fit that mold so I embraced my pink. But I still admire a great purple. Straighten up your crown and as Latifah said, "Step into your queendom".

  3. Ms. Sugar, I don't appreciate you puttin those ideas in my head. Cuz now, I can certainly see myself hot steppin into a room in these shoes &...nothing else, feet in the air, legs akimbo.

    AND SCENE!! u ain't gon' make me ack a fool right here.

    & Dowan, you're right, I was the chick you just described. I put Mike down for Prince, & I know all the words to "La Di Da Di," Doug E. Fresh & Snoop Dogg's version. I had a purple winter coat w/cheetah lining (tackhead...yeah) & the fur hood from Express in the 10th grade. You couldn't tell me NOTHIN!! It's time for me to get back into her Purple Highness & regain my Purple Majesty so these clowns can stop talkin' @ me.