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Shoe Personality of the Week: 03/07/10

Those that don't got it, can't show it. Those that got it, can't hide it.
Zora Neale Hurston

3 Shoe Personalities into the month of Pisces I feel it's time to give a little back history on the silver theme. Like I said, silver just screams celebration, and I am indeed celebrating MY month and Pisces sistren and bredren everywhere. I know A LOT of really dope Pisces, and know of even more, so this is me payin' homage to us all.

That ain't the back history though. Some time ago I posted Damn, I Need A Patch For This (Dream Sequence) about just that, a sequence of dreams. One of 'em wasn't mine, belonged to a friend who had me featured in his dream. Said friend had me, uhmmm, legs akimbo in the air, feet wearing silver heels that were catching the sunlight. Sounds sparkly, right? Well, I thought about this and figured that when we're celebrating we usually raise something in the air--pump ya fist like this, raise the roof, [p]RAISE HIM JEEZUS, etc... Fireworks get shot off in the air, balloons float high in the air, you get the picture. In that dream, it was the silver shoes in the air and I was reminded of the celebratory feel of silver. Hence, the silver shoe series. Ladies have just been open off the shoes themselves. I guess it's just what we do. When in doubt, buy shoes. It's WAY easier than finding clothes to fit all our unique shapes and styles. But the fellas have actually responded in ways that let me know they're imagining the shoes much the same way the silver heels were featured in my boy's dream.

So...here's another 1.

This pair looks dangerous to me. The Hip Hop Head that I am immediately thinks Fishscales, a Ghostface offering. This shoe speaks to that Bad FluthaMucka in me, the 1 who's starting to peak out like these Spring buds around here. You can't tell me nothin' when the weather breaks--NOTHIN!! As I celebrate my Personal New Year, from February 19th to March 19th, you can't tell me NOTHIN right now either. I can see AND feel the way that things are blossoming. Just like with every other birthday, since turning 30, I'm super aware of the lessons I've learned, and how much easier they're making coming lessons. I look forward to what's coming, even the challenges because they only grow me up. And in a shoe like this, a challenge better watch itself cuz I'm prepared to kick its ass. Know dat!!

Be ready for your own truths to be revealed and embrace them. Stomp out here with purpose and make it happen for yourself. It's enough out here for us all to get some. It's time to take some out of the hands of the greedy and promote our own shine. I'm going after mine. Whatchu gon' do with yours??

Watch me move.



  2. Something about shoes...I was in DSW yesterday trying to scratch my itch, when I realized that I was having random conversations with women that I didn't know from my mama's womb about shoes. There were black, white, brown, fat, skinny, young and old all pouring over the racks and racks of footwear. Who said women can't get along??? Throw a Manolo in there and see how that changes things.

    Now about that shoe...it speaks to me, almost in the tongues of my Pentacostal childhood or in the incomprehensible utterances made during passionate celebrations of love. That shoe speaks truth and the wearer knows she can't hide the "it" she's got.