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The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...


I Beat Em To It, But They Got A GREAT SHOT!!

Yes, it's Chrisette, and No, I don't even have anything to say. I just jacked this photo from Essence.com because it's SIMPLY GORGEOUS!! This woman is so beautiful, and I thought so from the first time I saw her after being wowed by her voice. I debated with a friend back then who tried to tell me she won't last because she didn't really fit into a genre and her look, as a thick sister, wasn't going to carry her too far. Weight issues in entertainment are a whole other post, that might begin with my thoughts on my own thighs in my today, but I ain't goin' there right now. And with this new look, however temporary, she'll surely just get dropped in the Neo-soul bucket even if she's belting out raspy vocals over electric guitar. I'm just super excited to see this woman giving her natural, shimmer-shine best!! Just another reminder that it doesn't have to be raggedy, you don't have to look like a man, and a hair CUT doesn't make you bald headed. I'm not pushing this on anyone, just showcasing it done beautifully to dispel some of the myths surrounding women with short, especially natural, hair.

She almost makes me miss my own Cesar cut. Lucky for me, I ain't never been scared'a no clippaz.

Watch me move.


  1. My hair is too long -- about an inch! Gonna get it cut!

  2. Oh yeah, that last comment about the czar cut was from me... Sugar Brownnnnnnn!!!

  3. she is gorgeous. her voice is gorgeous. her vibe is gorgeous. if i were gay, i'd do her. or at least i'd want to. but since i'm not, i'll just wish i looked and sounded like her.

    i will say, i love the czar cut... but i prefer the funky, permed hairstyles. or the braids. i just like the completely off-the-wall hairstyles she be rockin and the czar (it's weird to say this but)... is TOO TAME for her.

    *as "epiphany" plays in my mental jukebox...*

  4. sugar brownnnnnn!!!!
    i think she rocks both very well. i actually never liked her in the long hair she wore when she 1st came out. it was too prescribed "big girl," too j-hud for me. she says in an interview w/jill scott (essence.com) that when she was signed she had a fro & was wearing a bob marley jacket. i guess this is all more her than we knew. like i said, i just want you to do whatever it is well, but she got tired of the damage to her hair & declared NO MORE...at least for now. it's hair. she could be rocking a zebra striped wig or go full out tina turner or bring back the chaka khan. i would be sad...but it would be her choice.