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Shoe Personality of the Week: 05/24/10

neutral continued

Last Sunday I put you on to animal print being the new neutral. I told you that it’s supposed to be the great equalizer between two unlikely prints. Neutral is bigger than your mother’s beige and light grey; the old definition of neutral.
I also shared that animal print is NOT my favorite. I don’t understand it. Most of the prints I’ve seen are bordering on or crossed right on over the line that defines gaudy. I’m a lot of things, but gaudy is not one of them. Still, there is two animal prints that I CAN rock with: zebra and giraffe. Giraffe’s my favorite. There’s something so intriguing about these quiet, gentle, tree grazers. Maybe it’s the power of polar opposite-isms, my short to their giant. I don’t know, I just know I REALLY like giraffe. Not to mention, giraffes come in shades of brown. Brown is soothing to me, even when it’s in a funky pattern like the one gifted giraffes by nature.

Zebra, on the other hand is a lot more “in de face.” Zebras' take on classic newspaper is kinda stark. I’m not a big fan of black, it’s just so boring to me, but black on white…or is it white on black, moves me. The combination wakes me up and forces my attention. I respect that. I also respect God’s hand. I love horses, and zebras are clearly their cousins. As beautiful as horses are, in their wide varieties, God gave us yet another quick “look what I can do!” on a canvas that could have been left to its original majesty without complaint.

Have you figured animal print as neutral out yet? While I’ve seen it done, expertly on television, I still can’t quite imagine a floral with a stripe, sealed with a leopard shoe. [culturally ignorant moment approaching in 3…2…] Sounds a little Asian Schitzo to me but it just hit me as I was typing this that I chose the two most perfect examples. Let me explain. Giraffes and zebras are both stamped the way they are for survival. These beautiful variations are their camouflage. Camouflage neutralizes one’s appearance. Animal print shoes blend in with anything you add them too, or so goes the rap. These two animal prints manage to somehow accomplish neutrality by doing the exact opposite of what it means to be neutral—having no strongly marked or positive characteristics or features. Pretty damn genius.

Now I also understand what my attraction is to animal print, these two in particular, as neutrals. I am the exact opposite of what it means to be neutral, and yet somehow manage to be just that when necessary. Like a zebra I can call you to attention. Like a giraffe I am can be soothing and intriguing. I am also quiet, oftentimes, and gentle when connected to the essence of who I am when I feel safe and comfortable.

I can’t help but stand out, I was made this way. I…you…we…must respect that.

Watch me move.

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