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It's a Boy/Girl Thang

instructions: ignore the word love in the flick
Thank you, Management

Sooooooooooooooo……today a cutie made deliberate eyes and small talk with me. I was caught off guard just at the observation that he indeed was a cutie. No disrespect to the fellas, but I’m rarely bowled over by attraction the way I used to be in my teens and twenties. A lot of cats have hit 30 & forgot to preserve their swexy. But back to the cutie… Not only was he a cutie; but he was a tall cutie.

He’d heard me talking to someone and asked what part of my New York my accent came from. Oddly enough, I get that a lot, but only from non-New Yorkers. I guess all the places I’ve lived have come together to create some kind of scrapple version of accents—chock full of a bunch of ingredients but still tasty, or so I’ve heard (never actually eaten scrapple.) At the end of my list of “lived insCutie asked me if I feel like Chocolate City is home. A good question, Cutie McCutiePie, because it could be a yes or no question if I choose to breeze the interaction, but if I’m interested in more I’ll expound. Guess what I did? My response made him decide I must be 1 of those ambitious sistas who can’t stay put for long ‘cause she needs to see some other thangs. Yes, and no. I have no plans of living all my days in DC, but it’s the closest thing I’ve had to a home. I love this place, but I intend to live in others, including abroad. Cutie McCutiePie seemed to either like this in me or just be intrigued by it. A twinkle appeared in his eye that only a small glimmer originally.

I was called away but before I departed he asked my name and extended his hand. I offered mine in return and we shook hands as he told me his name. His grip was firm and then he capped it with that thumb-hand-rub to make sure I knew he was feeling me.

Even at 35, it’s all still the 8th grade. That made me smile.

Watch me move.

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  1. sew kute, as the kids would say. the thumb on hand rub, good move.