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Jus' Sumpin' I Found

While trolling the web for flicks that connect with abstract AND concrete thoughts I have, I came across this picture.

The date, when I made the jump to the original mag, was dated 2007. I don’t know how I missed this when it happened, but I’ve found it.

This picture is so incredibly beautiful to me. Incredibly beautiful.

There are flaws here. The wig is too stark, very goth meets Jessica Rabbit. The shoes, though we can’t see much of them, are horrible and horribly unnecessary. The ultra-feminine look on Serena’s face is in great contrast to the strong back forming just below the wig’s turn over her shoulder. I can live with it. Let me tell you why:

For some reason, this picture personifies Black Womanhood for me.

It’s this strong back that holds up families, communities, nations. It is these curves that inspire black men to keep these families, communities and nations populated. There is comfort here. And help. There is immense love and ass whoopin’ balance should you need it. Those arms will just as soon cook over your fire as build it if for some reason you are unable. She is soft enough for you to rest on and rejuvenate. She is hard enough to have your back when your enemies draw near.

I am this woman.

She is...wait…we are incredibly beautiful.

Watch me move.

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