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Shoe Personality of the Week: 6/7/2010

Beautiful shoes like this are becoming more a part of my fantasy than my reality. In truth, they’ve never really been a part of my reality. I was busy being the athlete/dancer/comfort-loving chick. Just when I decide to step my game up and make the shoe collection more feminine, my arthritic knees and my multiple-injured back have made alternative plans for my shoe shrine. I still maintain that there’s a time and a place for everything, including hourglass shoes. These are the shoes that last just as long as the sand is running. When the last grain falls, it’s time to remove the “slippers” and replace them with uglier shoes that are a little bit more…sensible.

The term “sensible shoes” makes my teeth grit and my stomach tighten. When I wear them I feel like I have signs overhead that read “OLD LADY!” and “DRAB!” I’m neither of those things and I try my best to make sure the representation of my personal style reflect that. Still, the body is not what it used to be and I wasn’t wearing these kinds of shoes when it was what it’s supposed to be in your youth. I’m saddened, having to relegate the elevation of a good 4-inch heel to “occasional” status. In truth, occasional is what they’re supposed to be. Teetering on beautifully crafted stilts is quite sexy and uplifting, but certainly bad for one’s health. Fact.

I can only dream of the occasion that would give me an excuse to successfully marry jewel encrusted cognac brown with snake skin. I can see myself now sipping tropical cocktails at a garden party, wearing a crisp beater with a wide, fluted, floor length satin skirt. I’m eating sweet potato pudding from a shot glass, seated of course, legs crossed at the ankles. I’m having a conversation with someone I’ve just met while mingling but the content doesn’t matter because I’m wearing these shoes.
Ridiculous. I know.

Since I can’t have them myself I can at least share them with you. Have fun purchasing them for yourself, or your lady, and let me know how they work for you.

Le sigh…

Watch me move [in my sensible shoes.]

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