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Shoe Personality of the Week: 7/26/2010

Oh precious shoe, how do I love thee? I loved this one so much I bought it. When I saw it it seemed to embody the very theme of my summer activity. It was neutral and yet full of personality. It had interesting and fun construction. Its sole felt substantial and durable enough to hold down the adventures I planned. It looked to have the power to up the cute quotient in a subtle yet unexpected way. It looked nothing like the sandals I've seen "in these streets." And it not only looked to b but proved to be comfy.

I debuted this sandal in Filthadelphia, stomping the hard concrete and braving the beginning of the Summa of Swelta with the Bestie. I trucked through Philly's trash and had a cute ball. I brought them back home and put them to the test on the dance floor in a cave. Me and my cute sandals shut the party down--literally glanced around and recognized no one anymore--and then moved on to the next hoe down. They've been with me from functions to fudderwagoning (Alice & Wonderland). I've only added 3 (let us bow our heads) to the collection this summer and this pair is by far my fav.

It makes me happy to actually be able to say I've purchased a shoe I'm putting you on to. Usually the personality solely (no pun intended) represents an actual personal attribute that I identify with or wish to achieve. This time around I've actually achieved it. Carefree and adventurous. I have had deliberate fun, perfectly crafted to push myself past some point of fear or apprehension or to simply have a new experience. I have spontaneously combusted in my home city and in others. I have had a great time at the risk of exhaustion, inadequate fundage, possible drowning and other minor consequences. My smiles and laughter quotient has been met and surpassed and I've still got time left. These sandals are just one of many fantastic decisions I've made this summer.

What have you done with yours? There's still time. How will you spend your currency?

Watch me move.


  1. Oooh my part of the world, Philly! This weekend the heat was on hell, but swell choice of footwear apparel. Did you make it to Cuba Libre or back to your old stomping grounds in Mt Airy? I'm mad nosy right! You can tell me to mind my busyness.

  2. I have not gone back to Cuba Libre. I actually haven't been up since the birthday (May). I'm planning a trip in this next week or so though. I gotta get back up before the summer's over. Philly in the winter is big heaping bowl of depression for me. I can't do it. Cuba Libre's on my list...& another spot called...Farmicia or something. It's in Old City.