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21 more things = 42

The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...



refresher course:

last thursday was margarita happy hour with Minnie & Martini. soon as i walked in i was distracted by beautiful locs falling over a chocolate brown man's back. when i reached the girls, who beat me there in the rain, i discovered our table was perfectly positioned to be able to see the brotha's frontal beauty as well. he made for a decadent dessert for my eyes to dine on while me & the ladies engaged in some girl talk enhanced by tequila. good times.

i told that story already. if you missed it, you can find it HERE.

so, i followed the instructions on Brownie's return note & text him for fun. why not? see, i've learned that you never know who you're dealing with until you make an attempt to get to know people. i've made so many recent friends in situations that would've yielded none when i was younger because my initial determinations would've ruled folks out. we're older & wiser now so...

our convo went like this (word for word, texthand & all):

Me: you had a beautiful smile, nice lips beautiful locs. i had a reddish angela davis fro, short dress, gold hoop earrings. i paid you a compliment, you tipped with your name. mine is ndygo. pleased to meet you.

Brownie: well, hello...hope all is well wit ya mam! agn, thnk u for the detaild complimnt. n yes i remembr all ur details as well. well, the thng is..im kinda n a situatn.

Me: i wasn't tryna holla, Mr. Badu. i'da left u my # then if that were the case. i really was only payin a compliment. : }

Brownie: wit my ex...as much as i wnt to get to kno u we missd each othr by a couple months. im flattrd...n u strike me as smeone sexy n classy, but i have to b honest. jus puttn it out thr...so...ur pretty bold ms? i dnt get complimented like tht ofttn...or at all for real lol.

Me: well, that's part of why i did it. haven't offered a man a compliment w/out motive in a while. thought i'd channel my inner teen. "she" did it all the time. not tryin to interfere, just appreciatin the part of you i can see.

Brownie: truuuu....i can appreciate tht..i guess u can say my inner teen, yng 20s got the best of my as well as u in general...pretty appealng lol..

Me: LOL! i'm rekindling old concepts. freer then. glad to put a smile on ya face as payment for you putting a smile on mine.

final text. then.

so, from that conversation I surmised 2 things. 1) Brownie's either allergic to vowels, they didn't teach vowel sounds in the schools he attended, or he's got a phone with only vowel keys that stick. 2) he's in the latter part of his 20's. The former made me laugh. For some reason, the way he texts & the fact that his handwriting is very pretty is mild comedy to me. everything about this dude is very pretty. anyway, the 2nd realization mattered very little because, again, not about The Holla.

a day goes by. a text comes through. it's Brownie's number, 'cuz i haven't bothered to save his name with it. no need. what'd he want? to know how my day was going. interesting. but not so much. my original theory was at work. give a man something that feels malleable & he WILL try to put a finger or a foot through to see if there's room for him. maybe i should've rephrased that. oh well, it's out of my "mouth" now. so, Brownie, with all of his recent reconciliation with his girlfriend is struggling, hence not saying he had a girlfriend but telling me he was with his EX. pretty sure she wouldn't be feeling that distinction. he did the right thing at first, telling me thanks, but no thanks. the problem, because i've schooled that there always is 1, is that he ain't sure about that.

i now know, through his questioning & offering, that he's the director of a rec center & has grass to mow. skilled at using my tools of inference, since i gotta teach the kiddies how to use theirs, i've inferred that the dude either owns his home or he lives at home with mom & helps with the upkeep. i kept my responses to his probes very general, including actually answering a question with "blah blah blah."

he now knows i'm a teacher. he finds it commendable. cool. i'll be keeping in mind that he directs a rec. i got a program i'm tryna bring to the masses. now, i'm a believer in all things happening for a reason. this whole conversation began based on my attraction to his smile (& full lips....goot lawd) & a seemingly bold move. while others might get caught up in the man & woman of it all, i've assessed that i was supposed to meet Brownie to put me in line for the next part of my mission. all things for a reason. all i have to do now is get him to put aside what he now believes is interest in me so that 1 day i can work this connect.

Watch me work move.

personal note: now see, Deez Blogz, you wanted to rant about the least important part of the original story & it's actually got real purpose. bet your narrow scope didn't see that coming now did it?


Post Script: still waitin on permission to drop dime on last weekend's ignotainment. honestly, though, if it were MY story...i'm not sure i'd let that 1 go.

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  1. I'm kinda in that same boat. But I'll tell you about it in person.