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The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...


Math Problems & Such

This morning started out looking more like deep dusk than dawn. A storm was brewing that unzipped the skies, put on a good light show and came with it's own soundtrack. It woke me up earlier than was necessary on these last days before returning to work, but it was eerily peaceful & beautiful. I knew the day would be good.

My plan was to do a whole lotta nothing & maybe sneak up on some productivity from behind if I was so moved. I wasn't. I went to go see 'bout my mama since the storm left her without power & brought it on back to the home front. I've gotten REALLY good at doing ONLY what moves me. The mama required a return visit & I was preparing to make the move at the same time my girl Minnie hit me about gathering for Happy Hour specials. As per usual, things were moving my way. I ran by MamaSan's & then headed to the watering hole needing to be watered.

When I walked in I noticed a brownie complected brother with looooooong locs. Maybe I exaggerated with 1 or 2 o's. The point is, baby was attractive. I breezed by him & the gentleman he was sitting with, deep in conversation. As I rapped a taste with my girls, about horrific roommates &....boys, my attention kept getting pulled to my right. Brownie's eyes were bright & his lips were...uhmmmm...full. Gootlawt they was full. Swoon. I just like to look at nice things. I don't mind doing a little window shopping with no intention of breaking the bank on all the things that catch my eye. Still, it was refreshing to even have my eye netted & reeled in 'cuz honestly, the pickins have been extra slim lately. I remember back in the day when you could at least Cutie Watch. Now, I'm simply unmoved on most ventures.

The girlfriend on my right started saying something that began to sound a lot like "wanh wanh wanh wanh wanh wanh..." Memories of my youth began to cloud my vision. I used to be a fresh 16 year old at the mall watching the delicious shades of blackness in all its varying degrees of fineness stroll by. If I was so moved I would interrupt a brotha's movements to let him know I liked what he was doing. My motto was to show appreciation for that which I appreciated. Hormones clearly affect hearing because these boys must've heard me say I was interested, not just thankful, & attempted to get my number. They had to, it's in their DNA; but most of the time I wasn't interested in that.

The damn point....

My mall-walking memory made me feel generous, like showering compliments on deserving desserts. I grabbed the piece of paper that served as the napkin ring earlier & wrote:
Just wanted to tell you that you have a beautiful smile.

I walked the note over to the table, placed it before him & pirouetted without a word & strolled back to my seat. Minnie & Martini laughed at me & then we jumped back into the convo. Some boobnanny took place outside that distracted our convo. We watched a sad specimen in a too small dress with a too low neckline scoop ball her very large breasts squeezed into very small cuppage. She paraded back & forth looking for male attention then found it. She sat down, spit in a very manly fashion, & then engaged in some form of public gang dry humping session with 2 BOYS. It was sad & the girlfriends & I discussed the sickening behavior we were witnessing. We couldn't figure out who was more wrong in the situation. Somewhere in the duration of this hood dramedy Minnie takes note that Brownie never came to the table. We decided that perhaps he was gay, because WHAT MAN allows a woman to give the semblance of free entry & resists the offer? I agreed there was perhaps more to his relationship with the gentleman across from him because I'm not used to intentional brothas being so passive. No matter, I wasn't checking for him, just appreciating what I saw.

Did I mention the boy's lips were full?

As that foolywang happening outside came to an end Brownie snuck up on us. He came & went before I could even see him & left behind a lil' white piece of paper himself:
Why thank you! It's much appreciated Ma'am. My name is ________, you should text me yours.

Of course his number followed.

Minnie retracted her original gay labeling & decided she liked his style instead. We decided we liked that Brownie didn't bite at the bit all fast. We also liked that he didn't bounce immediately (from the spot), lingering so he could be seen after his return move. See how quickly the tables, & the ladies sitting at them, can turn? Anywho....I wasn't seeking nobody's math when I dropped the compliment off, but I'm considering texting Brownie with the full lips my name too. As 1 of my fav bloggers says, feelings are for winter, but the summer ain't over yet. There's still some fun to be had.

Watch me move.


  1. Hola Chica,

    I'm not even gonna speak on the negroidian tomfoolery that was Boob-a-lot, fail just fail you know.

    Anywho, do it Miss Thang! I digs the old school pass a note style, way cute. And even though you were just appreciating I think your Mr. Sezy was smelling what you were cooking. My thoughts, text that number....we still have four more weeks of summer. And with four more weeks that sho is a lot of time to have a lot of fun.

  2. Love it....go all in.

  3. Girl, I like that move, I may have to try it!