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Shoe Personality of the Week: 8/02/2010

It’s almost over. The semi free days of summer are coming to a close. Summer itself will extend for a few more weeks before turning, more than likely abruptly, to Fall or some Winter hybrid. Vitamin D (sunshine…get ya mind outta the dancehall gutter) is a precious commodity that I can’t get enough of…literally. I’m not all the way right once the sun starts to spend more time playing hide and seek behind increased cloud cover and the temps drop accordingly. I don’t have time to be sad prematurely when there’s still sunshine to soak up like a good Hoover vacuum.

My heart is still bound by summer, all year actually, but my mind is beginning to make the shift to the business of teaching these children for the length of human gestation. It is not lost on me that the school year is the same length of time that women carry babies in the womb. Teaching is indeed like giving birth, including the pains. Not here to focus on that either.

Next year will be another all new experience for me. I’m moving up on the developmental scale, leaving behind the children learning their ABC’s to dealing with children who are learning the joy of forming those letters into wonderful expletives. This excites me. While the length of daylight will begin decreasing, there will still be sunshine in my life by way of the new challenge I face. One of my favorite parts will be shedding the nearly addictive yoga wear I sported for last year’s position as the Movement teacher for gear that makes me look appropriately adult for a position of authority with 6th graders. New clothes lead to new shoes; it’s actual math I believe. 1+1=Both. The sun usually shines top down, but I’ve become an expert in creating sunshine wherever it is needed. Foot to head counts too. This yellow Lovely looks like a good start to me, especially since I tend to be allergic to basic black and brown.

Where does your sunshine come from?

Watch me move.

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  1. I looked like sunshine today in a bright yellow dress. I felt sunshine when I was sitting in church and I felt the equivalent of a double flip in my uterus. I saw sunshine when my boy made his appearance on my doorstep after a 5 day absence. I missed him so. I heard sunshine as my dad recounted the words of wisdom that he shared with my boy during their time together. It's a lot of love around here which supplies me with constant sunshine even when the clouds are gray.