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Inspiration Is Everywhere

Soooooo.....today, I was planning lessons & blasting music in my classroom during my "down time." (seriously-does that actually exist for teachers?) Back-to-School night was tonight & I knew I'd have plenty of time to get some much needed work done. We're working on poetry, in conjunction with many other things & I want to teach Haikus next week. Yeah it's easy enough as an adult, but kids get the number of syllables vs. words thing confused. I wrote out the instructions but figured there should be an authentic example to share. I sat bobbing my head to the sounds of DJ Stylus & trying very hard to avoid writing about topics that would make my kids go "eeeeewwwwwwww." You know, girls (for some)...boys (for the rest)...love (for them all)...sex (inappropriate). The gist. In the end I had a keep it 1 hunnit moment & just had to go with what's been on my heart for the last couple of weeks.

Like to hear it? Here it go.

if you never came
and stole away my heart i
would still have my mind

*takes a bow & throws down the mic*

Watch me move.



  2. I never understood how to make a haiku and I still don't. So I gave up trying to understand. I suck at poetry but I can draw my ass off. You win some you lose some!

  3. you know what, Zay...1 day i'ma surprise you w/the 16. & you better have yours ready! LOL

    @ DaBoss Bitch--welcome! & the formula for Haiku is 5-7-5. the trick is it's syllables, NOT WORDS. go back & count what i did. you'll be writing your own in no time...though i doubt i'll suddenly be able to draw any better than i do now. i can pass, but i ain't good.

  4. Hola Chica,

    Let me find out you were on an episode of def poetry jam...finger snaps for you all around my room.

    I dabble in poetry but me and haiku are opposite sides of the spectrum. Do you think the tikes will appreciate the gem you dropped above? I'll tell you what I like about it, its bittersweet!