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21 more things = 42

The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...


Channelin DMX...Lawd

Some situations cause us to scream while some make us go "deep down inside, deep down inside." Sorry, I had a club moment & sometimes mania causes us too have Tourette's. As I was reminded this afternoon, I'm an imploder so screaming out ain't gon' happen. It's time, as Luvvie would say, for me to "SADDOWN!" Still, I gotta do something, acknowledge in some way the ignorance that is causing my heart to palpitate, my blood to boil, my eyes to burn, my stomach to clench, & the tears almost to flow.

See, I service a group of people who are the progeny of a group of people who suffer from a bad case of the Entitlements--where the runs happen from a different orifice (loogidup!). There are many things they are entitled to from me, but there are many that they are not. Such as:
1. They are NOT entitled to my every waking moment. I'll take that a step further & banish these mofo's from my dreams as well.
2. They are NOT entitled to talk to me any which way but right. I don't stand for that from my Mama!
3. They are NOT entitled to disrespect me in the name of "understanding."
4. They are NOT entitled to treat me like I'm anything less than grown just cuz I don't always look it. It is not my birth certificate that secured my employment.
5. They are NOT entitled to attempt to bully me into giving their children things they haven't earned.
6. They are NOT entitled to use telling on me for issues that will remain moot as a tactic for forcing me into being someone other than I am.
7. They are NOT entitled to using my email as a dumping ground for petty nonsense that should be handled at home.
8. They are NOT entitled to bend me over & do me with no Vaseline. I don't even allow Cuddle Buddies to do that.

What we ARE moving toward is them NOT being allowed to come in my room to apologize at the end of the school year after they realize how right & thorough I was. They will also NOT be privy to apologies from me once they take me across that line I'm 'bout to draw where I cuss E'RYBODY out "up in heaunh, up in heaunh." Forgive me; I work with children who have outbursts all day. I''m entitled to a few here & there.

These people are crazy & my environment is the breast that nurses this shiggedy.

STOP!, I say.

Watch me move.


  1. Church! I feel you on not accepting those half-hearted and half-assed June apologies. They're not even real apologies. Folks are just thoroughly embarrassed by then. The other thing that kills me is when they are not even thorough when they call themselves tellin' you 'bout yoself! Don't get checked while in the process of checkin'.

    I am so eager to watch you move right on past these folks. They often suck the life out of teachers, principals, and schools in general. Glad to know that your fist remains in the air.

  2. Man...I'm tryin, but they're tryna take me outside of myself. I've already got a rep for not meeting every challenge with a superlative. Some fights ain't meant for me to lose sleep nor hair over. But when I do fight, everyone takes notice. When I found myself choking back angry tears today...I knew I had to regain control of the sitcheeation. It's too early for this nonsense. & DO KNOW I thought about calling you to vent but didn't know if you were on travel.

  3. I dont even have the words...Thank GOD for teachers :)

  4. You just about murdered me with the no Vaseline. If it makes you feel any better, you haven't gone completely crazy yet. From the anecdotes I hear, it seems that crazy people can't be intentionally funny.

    I was going to tell you to just dust your shoulders off, but the way these folks are coming... here. Take this Dyson vac. Brush your shoulders off with technology

  5. Wow, hang in there! They can be some real azzholes, lol!

  6. is that the gauge, orga, to still be able to have some humor widdit?