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The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...


The Essence of My Aesthetic

For about the last year or so I’ve been trying to qualify my own personal style. I know it’s diverse but I wasn’t sure exactly how to describe myself. I’ve gone through several extremes that I think have landed me where I am today. I’m a feminine, super girly girl, with a slight tomboy edge. I can throw a football, pretty well for a woman, but can’t stand to watch it. I don’t like dirt, but I do love to get sticky, low down, gritty & grimy dirty. I adore men’s ball shorts!! I don’t understand how everyone is NOT a sneaker freak. Give me boyfriend jeans, 2 sizes too big, over skinny jeans ANY DAY. & is there anything sexier than a “beater” on a woman? No homo.

At the same time, I can’t get enough of sundresses & sandals. It just doesn’t get much more feminine than that. A sweater dress & some opaque tights & a good knee-high boot? Are you kidding? Feminine perfection. At some point I hope to wear a ginormous hat & some spectator pumps with the right dress & some pearls stolen from The Retired SupaWoman. What’s the point, Ndygo? I’m all over the place when it comes to my style fyle. I went trollin’ the interwebs looking for my fashion lodestars (the teacher says look it up) for this coming Fall Season. I’m in a new phase in my life & must look the part. A little virtual window shopping was just the thing I needed.

Here’s what I found:

This is SOOO super simple but it captures how I feel I come across at work. I don't have to work to achieve this because I'm already doing it. Just enough to identify me as a grown up in the sea of 11 year olds I drown in, looking much like my students, on a daily basis.

All day. I'd actually wear this to work too. It's the kind of outfit that keeps me comfortable, true to my sense of style & makes me more intriguing to my students. They really just don't know what to do with me being an actual adult when compared to my older counterparts. I wear things they might wear, though differently, & it actually makes me a lot more relevant & lot less relic. Outside of work, I'd rock this on any weekend, hanging with the Bestie or kickin' it with my girls. I'm always the 1 to wear that isht most of 'em would never wear...like those green boots.

Pure fantasy. That hair is fantasty (love it big). That romper is fantasy. The jacket is pure 80's retro goodness. & I'd just never wear those shoes. I love my knees & ankles too much. Still, I'd love to be out in these streets dressed like this. It would only serve to do more of what I already do--intimidate & intrigue simultaneously. In the end, the cat with the gold tooth or the 1 missing teeth altogether would be the 1 to holla. It never effin fails.

Oh simple 'fit, how do I love thee? What's the main reason I love it? I don't have to shop to achieve it. I own all the parts in some variation. This is date-tastic. Yeah, it's the movies, but still be cute. Yeah, it's the grocery store, but feel like something when you're out. Me likes. A lot.

The big Curly Girl hair caught my attention & the rest reeled me in. From cute & classy (previous) to rugged & sassy [neutrals]. I'm with this sista on everything but her boots. My foot is considered wide & I learned long ago not to be tryna squeeze 'em into no pointy toed nothin. The jacket ROCKS & the grey does a lil' something here. It's easy to put together, looks ultra comfy & registers on the fly meter. Doable.

In case you hadn't noticed, this fall is all about JACKETS, JACKETS, JACKETS. What you put under 'em is your business. You didn't have to like what I've shared, but I'm curious what's in your style fyle?


  1. Oooh. I wanna do a post like this now.

  2. I love the hair! Work it! Nice blog. Come visit me too soon.


  3. Thanks Ellinore. I'm checkin you out now.