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Shoe Personality of the Week: 10/04/2010

Back on clogs. & as soon as I can put on a shoe again, I will be purchasing at least one a pair, & hopefully these.

The clog seems to be symbolic in my life right now. Structurally, it is what I require to make it through the trials I presently face. These are not new trials, nor are they the kind that I can't make it through. However, they are the kind that, in the wrong mouths hands, can multiply like rodents.

In my personal life, I've found that I have great clogs holding me up. I get up with my sister friends to chat & chew semi-regularly to release the daily stresses of life. We chop it up while chowing down on tasty treats all over the city & washing them down with delicious spirits. Professionally, I know that something akin to a clog exists but the support needed is often not on the shelf available for purchase. So, we make it up as we go, for self and each other, & hold it down another day/week/month/school year.

Even with all that's going on, I feel strangely invigorated. I don't wish to be cocky but I can see that what I put out in my profession is going to be my savior. No one can challenge my love for & to devotion to these kids. In the end, THAT is what will be remembered & by the children. The adults can kick rocks with open toed shoes if they so choose, but it's the children who will tell my story as an educator when the time comes.

All clogs must be taken care of, tacks checked, leather polished & treated, wood kept unsplintered. So, I must give thanks say thank you to a few folks:

Cutie Bear-thank you for your consistency which has caused me to grow up, sometimes against my will. I will always love you but don't need to be near you to tell you. If I never say it again, it can be found here. I CAN DO & have done without you. There are no other choices. Your inabilities have helped me learn my abilities. I can't hate on that, even when I'm hurt.

The Gawd-for your undying support & unwavering love & faith in my skill, craft, & intention. I AM largely because of you.

Real Talk-for your audaciousness & inability to walk away from a challenge. You hold me down even when I don't make space for you. You vulnerability is inspiring & refreshing in a man, but also to be learned from as a woman.

Brother Kimbo-all these years later you're still my cheerleader, even as you annoy me. Seeing how you've grown is impressive & confirmation that I knew what I was talking about a decade ago. Sorry, couldn't help that 1. No matter what goes down, all I have to do is ask. That doesn't go unappreciated.

Big Slim-random sushi nights have kept me from drowning. your shared understanding of my challenges & your insight as someone who has moved beyond them & to the next level reminds me that there is another side (notice I didn't say anything about light at the end of the tunnel). Also, your personal story, that often mirrors mine, & your ability to share it through laughter (the cocktails help, huh?) helps me see that we're all the same & none of this requires walking through alone.

Deez Nutz-you have helped me add great adventure to raise the bar on my reality so summa this BS seems a lot less deep when it comes up. You're learning to dream bigger with me so we can live larger. See you on a mountaintop, gliding through the air, or with an oar in your hand. Lets climb the world.

If your name is not featured it isn't because you serve no purpose in my life. Some friends have just been ever present through the latest series of tough times & are deserving of a much more personal "thank you" note.

Watch me move.

Post Script-I appreciate all readers. Still, some interactions truly are inappropriate. So, To Whom It May Concern: please DO take it personally that your comments don't get posted here, after all, you made this personal.

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