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Shoe Personality of the Week: 10/18/2010

I need a break before I begin to slouch like the ankle of these super cute boots.

There are no straps holding me together right now and I’m beginning to see the signs of being overwhelmed. There are no real clear lines anymore between home and work. Work is work and home is work and work goes with me to run errands on the off chance that I have 15 idle minutes. At work they keep throwing around the phrase “free time” as though it actually exists. It makes all of us teachers laugh, almost hysterically, every time it gets used. It’s always followed by some version of the stink eye and a polite version of GTFOHWTBS!!

For the last few weeks, I’ve been forcing the issue. Fridays after school are the beginning of the melt down. My body ceases working properly, the incessant yawning begins. I have fantasies about my sofa with about an hour and a half left to the school day. Instead of giving in, I’ve been connecting with friends, kickin’ it like I can hang, then dragging my tired behind in the house at the ridiculously early hour of 10 or 11. The finale is me passing out somewhere on the bed or the sofa and having to wake up an hour or so after to finish changing my clothes and crawling under the covers. It’s been witnessed; it’s sad to watch.

What’s the remedy? A personal assistant, a few well-placed mental health days—vacation to you—and due diligence to begin fleshing out my ideas to affect change in my near future. Ahhhh, but where’s the time? Wherever it is, I have to start finding it sooner rather than later because I have things to do. I must start making the trip to my grandmother more often, while I still have 1, and find the space in my week to devote to those phone calls that never get made to tell folks I love them. I also must figure out how to arrange these inadequate weekday minutes to complete all that can be completed, prioritizing better, and forgiving myself for what doesn’t get finished. The problem is…what I feel is top priority keeps getting bumped by the powers that be by some new deadline/initiative that gets in the way of me planning to do what I signed up for—TEACHING. Soon, I’m going to have to start telling the powers that be to pause and wait for their requirements until MINE are satisfied. And a rebel is born again. I don’t know how employable that will make me in the future, but I will have honored my commitment to my students. As a teacher, what else is there?

In the meantime, perhaps I’ll gon’ ahead and order these Arturo Chiangs and take the risk that they’ll fit right once I’m able to put on shoes again. It would be a shame to miss out on the entire Season of the Boot because I can’t try anything on. If they don’t work out…ehhhhh…I’ll just have to gift them to some cousin or student.

If my students were allowed to read they'd tell you an imperative sentence is going to follow in 3...2...
Enjoy this beautiful Fall day and…

Watch me move.


  1. Yeah, you have to constantly remind yourself that you work for the kids, not the admins. Work for the kids first, admins last. We need to catch up soon. Seems it's been too long.

  2. We'll have to synchronize our Swatches. & a certain bystander just emailed me Friday to see when me & my teacher friends were gettin up again so he can be down.


  3. I knew that 'ish was bad when I almost found myself behaving like those pitiable colleagues who sob at the thought of more work and responsibility. A random (and later discovered b.s.) deadline was thrown at me while getting ready to eat and prepare for my very real presentation to parents that night. I felt myself become midly hysterical and did not want to appear to fit the irrational pregnant woman stereotypes. But on the real, all of this is driving people mad. Woe unto him who happens to be around when the collective cup of "I can't deal with this anymore" runs over.

  4. What it do A-weez,

    First these boots are the busines. Second I totally understand. Home is work and work is work and in between that I try to squeeze in some life. Most days it doesn't happen. But I'm due for a change. I scored a new gig, don't worry I will post about it, so I'm thinking a life may come back into view sooner rather than later.

    Keep it moving! Also your first priority is to the kids. Don't let the administrative haters tell you otherwise!

  5. Congrats on the new gig, Sista Calm Before the Storm!! (I love playing with your name, but gotta find the 1 that sticks)

    & these boots ARE the business, aren't they? You're free to get them just not wear them in DC or on weekends when I'm in Philly. Thanks, The Management