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Shoe Personality of the Week: 10/25/2010


That’s what I feel like I need to be right now. I’m slippin.

I DO NOT like the cold. Can’t stand it!! Still, I have developed an appreciation for beautiful sweaters. And who doesn’t love a good boot? More than that though, I love the feel of coming home, turning up my heat & putting on some flannel jammies gifted me by my mother. I just love to be warm; whether it’s the sun or some cashmere. I love being warm so much that I also strongly identify with hibernation. Don’t let there EVER be a day when I’m offered a well-insulated, heated cave with all the amenities & the ability to telecommute. Smartboards? Please. We can learn how to analyze details & draw conclusions from virtual classrooms, Kiddies. Can you imagine?

What does any of this have to do with anything else? Well, typically, I’m not 1 for gaining a whole lot of weight in the Winter; I don’t bulk up in Human Blubber to protect myself against Global Warming. The real chill hasn’t even hit yet & I’ve already got a box of Joe Joes’s (if you’ve not had them….get to your local TRADER JOE’S ASAP) in my desk at work. I rarely even buy snacks at all, let alone take more than a serving size to work at any given time. The box I bought for home at the beginning of the summer—still got it. The box in my desk as of this past Monday, 2/3 gone. Add to that the fact that, though I’m pacing a classroom & walking school halls all day, I do spend a great deal of time sitting to grade & plan. The math problems aren’t done yet. Lets gon’ & subtract exercise from the equation. I considered chancing the toe situation, dancing barefoot & risking all manner of fungi & general sensitivity on Thursday night. The problem was, I’d already changed out of my work clothes into some really warm & comfy sweats & got down with the red pen & 1 of those ever-growing stacks of papers. My sofa was soooooo inviting, my moccasins caressing my feet as though they were lovers. When it got close to the time for dance class, I began to weigh the reasons WHY I would actually remove myself from this incubatorial-like (yeah…I said it) environment to have to put clothes back on, sweat, & then return in the cold. It all just seemed like a major inconvenience. I've fallen waaaaaay off the routine.

Overall, that’s my take on Fall. It’s an inconvenient season with wishy washy weather & ill-suited jacket/coat choices. They’re all too light or too heavy. Mornings & nights even require hats but the days will make you sweat if you wear 1. The whole season just makes it too easy to stay home & eat. Fall should be banished to agrarian societies. The U.S. should be divided by Left Coast & Right Coast, & then the Farm Coast. They'd need this season so as not to pass out from heat stroke while harvesting everyone’s Thanksgiving Cornucopias. The rest of us I don’t need it. Take me someplace where it’s Sprummer all year long, leaning more towards the Summer side of things.

The only problem with my proposal is that without Fall and Winter *sigh*, swexxy boots like these become obsolete. I am not willing to become the chick who wears boots all year round, feet sweating like a fat man. So, I guess Fall can stay…cuz I got a date with Cole Hahn. Maybe at the end of our time together, he’ll give me these boots. Transaction complete.

Watch me move.