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Shoe Personality of the Week: 11/22/2010


Possible scenarios:

You’ve given your 2-week notice and it’s the last day of your sentence at the job you can’t stand with the co-workers you can stand even less. THIS is the shoe you wear to tell everyone to kiss your natchral ass on your way out the door.

It’s date night at your house. Your significant other gets ready to shape his lips to ask “Who’s ya Daddy?” Put your finger over his lips in the universally understood sign for HUSH & say, “Tonight, I wanna know who’s ya Mama?” Then deliver your best performance on this platform stage.

For the last several weeks folks in your line of work have been actin’ a dayum fool. Instead of bringing any work or that feeling home, shake them off & slip your foot into these & feel your power. They officially reserve the right to bow down. Because you’re nice, you won’t actually step on their heads as they genuflect.

At least 3 days a week you see that brotha who’s been giving you fevah quietly for months. You’ve decided that today’s the day you’re going to speak to him. Paint your toes a glossy neutral tone, something “fleshy” or pink, spray on something nice, & stack your confidence up on this platform.

The boardroom is starting to bore you, though you’ve earned you seat in it. Keep it as conservative as you have been from neck to knee. Step light & lovely in these to remind your self who you are & keep them guessing.

Wear the to cook the next meal you intend to spark a fire with your intended.
Take yourself to dinner. Put these on & turn your self on every time you catch a glimpse of your own foot out from under the tablecloth.

He understands my commitment to comfort & being able to chill, but I also need Him to know that when it’s time, I know how to elevate my game too. For now, this zipper being open is only delicious symbolism.

Where would you go in these shoes? Who would you wear them for? What do they symbolize in your life?

Watch me move.


  1. Approximately 6-8 weeks from now when I get that magical note from my dr. informing me that the funhouse may be reopened. I send the boy and girl child off to respective grandparents and let daddy know that I still have it.

  2. in anticipation, you might wanna holla @ piperlime.com & come up on that shoe for the fiesta bowl. just make sure y'all strap on more than a few fuzzy harnesses to keep from revisiting the "Joys of Pregnancy" all over again all too soon.

  3. Oh no honey, the factory is being closed for all residential business. I'm done.