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21 more things = 42

The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...


Final Toast

Ionteven blog on Fridays but this is a special case. I'd be silly to allow the final day of the year to pass by without saying something. By something, I don't even mean to YOU, but for me so that I can troll my own thoughts from time to time & see where I was on this day. Resolutions are for suckaz--cuz who really makes it through them? Instead of BS'n about what I'm gon' do different or better in the new year, I wanna take 1 more opportunity to be specifically thankful for the gifts received in the Twenny10. I give you....


-the end of my professional exile
-a deeper look into a greater vision
-opportunities to stretch & expand (neither height shut up!!nor weight though)
-4 to 6 more inches toward my attempt to withstand growing my hair out (tryna make it to 40 years old)
-fewer tears than recent years prior
-spontaneous forgiveness (or so it felt as it happened)
-a new gestational period & 115 new babies to deliver come June
-pumpkin pancakes
-the revival of friendships
-dat dude Real Talk from ova'deah on Auburn Ave
-silencing of the unnecessary
-adventure, Adventure, ADVENTURE
-more freedom of speech
-Fela on Broadway
-the return & the demise of the road trip longer than 4 hours (aka the reminder that I'm over 30)
-the best, most uninhibited & adventurous sex i've ever had
-Good Wood finding that good love with The Lady (so HAPPY for y'all!!)
-creative ideas flourishing as though in a garden
-continued prosperity
-courage to pursue more
-El. Oh. Vee. Eee.
-the desire to play again
-My Favorite Girl making it to her 80th birthday & the ability to celebrate it fully (in my heart—body had other plans)
-adoring hugs of 3, 4, & 5 year olds
-dining room table (FINALLY)
-my baby's 13th birthday
-great clarity & greater questions
-YOUR interest in & support of me (pointing at you, you, you, & all'a you, in the back, in the middle, & the front)
-Benetton Boo
-the most hilarious conversation in a restaurant ever with the best little Younger Brother there is Man...UCKF BENEFITS!!
-reentry of childhood friends from Colorado via Facebook
-another year to laugh with my mother
-desire to do & be better in order that my students, especially the girls, may identify with a positive example & dream bigger
-T. Young & her assistance with bringing my own dreams to technicolor High Def.
-DCAWP & it's highs & *Paul Robeson voice* lows
-gettin Credit Score Fresh
-honesty, even through the pain, & the willing ears of those receiving in the interest of experiencing openness in ways never experienced before & the ability to grow from it
-despite the loss of the toenail, still having a toe to test the waters (shout out to Fire's Journey)
-the reawakening of the spirit of Kwanzaa
-dance, Dance, & mo' DANCE
-& most of all, the opportunity to be able to walk on both feet into 2011 with my head held high & my eyes wide open for the ability to create abundance, the palms up to receive it, & the open heart to share it

I wish you the best of all I've received from this year & all that you wished for in your own thoughts & dreams. May the coming year be as fruitful as your basket is deep & may you have the desire to share with those who are simply trying to catch a break with 1 hand open & the other over their eyes, unsure of their power. Brace yourself for the good, take the time to revel in it, learn to celebrate [message to self], & schedule time to relax, relate, release. Don't allow your pursuit of your dreams to destroy you, making the whole damn exercise pointless. Take care of body, mind & spirit. Nourish the tangible & intangible parts of you so that you may be present for those that love you & need to be loved by you. Uncover your heart & release your smile. Listen to the music you love, spend time by the water, find the joy in brisk air hitting your face. Be kind but be honest & know that sometimes the 2 do not go hand in hand. Still, don't negate your truth in order to spare someone's feelings in the moment. Learn all you can & teach it to someone else. Help make a dream come true, starting with your own.


& to my Caps--Happy Birthday to Sister, Da Mudda, Sister Jaffi, Wanderlust, Cutie Bear, The Boy (aka Brother Kimbo), & Mr. West (is in the building). If I forgot you it's cuz it's too many'a'yall in my life.

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