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Forced Tech Savvy

Call me old fashioned.
Seriously, you may when you finish reading this.

When the Internet got popular & readily available I was all in. I liked the fact that I could write whatever without following rules & have it seem to read a lot more like I said it. It didn't wipe out my love for going to the mailbox & finding a card or letter from someone I care about. #missthosedays

Cell phone technology moved faster than my interest in them. I was glad to never have to touch a pay phone again, but honestly, I don't need to listen to music on my phone & the cameras (while I use them from time to time) aren't that great on most of them. I dragged my feet till they bled before joining the Crackberry Nation & I still have reservations about being a member of this club. I feel like I've been turned into Pavlov's dog, responding to every alert that comes through. I never wanted people to have total access to me, but it made good business sense for me to come on board to keep up with important contacts in real time. #thegift&thecurse

Even the MP3 was a hard transition for me. With all the music I have, & all the music I want, it just seemed like it would be a full time side job to get all my music transferred onto an MP3 player. Not to mention, I couldn't just come on with some off-brand MP3 player—I had to research iPods & which would suit my needs. & then I had to get comfortable with paying the $$ for the new millennium walkman. #deathofyellowSony

I was late to MySpace, which of course means I was late to the Facebook party, resisting all invites til I just felt I couldn't outrun them anymore. MySpace actually started me blogging...the predecessor to Broken Silence. #everythinghasapurpose

Skype came along & gave me great ideas for furthering the dream. Instead, it became a tool for ratchetness, keeping me in...ahem...contact with...chokes... Uhmmmm... #movingon

Blogging has been a GREAT experience. I absolutely lurvvvvvveeee doing this public journaling & have to see where I intend to take this. In the meantime, my coach *shout out T. Young* has been trying to punt me into more of this social networking business. It all just seems like so much more to manage, which requires time that I just don't have. T. Young's been whispering “you need to be on Twitter” for no less than 4 months, & she joined the chorus line behind her companion, K Mac, who's been at me to do a BUNCH'a stuff for a long time. I swear I just wanna find the moment where I can drive up into the mountains, unlock the doors to a cabin & put my phone in a drawer for the weekend. The other day I was asked, “if you could have anything in the world right now, what would it be?” My answer really did include being disconnected for at least a short period. Social networking has given me access to many that I've missed over the years, but it's also given me moment by moment access to when my cousin's got the BG's (bubble guts). #TMIallatime

At the insistence of K Mac, T. Young slid through today to help me map out some of my short term goals that will lay those golden bricks toward my long term goals. It was a great discussion, the outline is in place, my assignments are dated & I know what to do. Great. & just when I thought we were done...which I knew better than...I was given a directive to #jointwitteralready

So...now I'm out here, a twit among twits. I found a couple...2...16 people to follow in less than 5 minutes. Picking @Phontigallo early in the game was my moment of truth. I have officially arrived if I get to keep up with the thoughts of Phonte (of Little Brother & the Foreign Exchange)--my fluffy man-crush. As a welcome gift--unknowingly--to me:

@Phontigallo: If I ever convert to Islam, Imma keep it hip-hop & change my gov't name to Nahmin Namssein.

That kinda laughter for $FREE.99?!? I'm all over it.
Sigh...now I've got 1 more distraction to stay on top of as I also try to find ways to cut back on the total access lifestyle I'm currently living. I miss the days of knowing all the people who need to know where I am are, well...where I am, & anybody looking for me knows the number... #landline

Bear with me. I'm coming along. I'm just really uncomfortable with my whole life requiring a password. #imjessayin

Watch me move.
& then #followme @ndygosunshyne


  1. LMAO @ Nahmin Namssein
    ...if you find password to power-off, please share

  2. @Journey by Fire...I have NO idea what "if you find password to power-off, please share" means.