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Shoe Personality of the Week: 12/6/10

This bee-yoo-ti-full shoe would only serve to physically put me where I feel I’ve been hangin’ out lately: on top of the world.

The Game is hatching out of its “repeat” status and returning to television; I got 10 new pairs of socks (none of them white); someone cares enough to make me smile; & I saved 15% by switching to Geico.

Well, the last part’s a lie…I don’t believe in Geico. After that accident with that old witch driving the wrong way down a 1-way street & then having her boyfriend arrive on the scene & chase my sister down the street trying to cut her, only to have Geico deny the claim…they can sit & spin.

Seriously…tis the time of year where my spirits take a deep sea dive. While others revel in the front yard scenes of the birth of Baby Jesus, the opportunity to buy & wear fresh azz boots, I’m just trying to find enough sunlight to give energy to at least a low level smile. Seasonal Affective Disorder is the culprit. Right about now, the chill in the air & the decreased exposure to the sun’s energizing rays has typically made for a funky attitude & a desire to spend the next 4 months in a heated cave. The surprise: it ain’t dim round about my spirits yet. I’m hoping to keep it that way.

This shoe reminds me that there is sunshine at the end of the cold winter tunnel. In a few long azz months, dull will be traded in for vibrant. By then, my Cyclops toe should be healed, or close to, hopefully left with something that won’t cause me to give up on open-toed shoes altogether. I can envision a short, but flowy, sundress showin’ off the legs I’m currently working on & a simple but elegant design on the toes. I see myself walking slowly, holding the choco-fudge hand of a man who holds me up as well as holds me down.

My 3rd eye, not the 1 on my left big toe, has been very active, visionatin’ the future. I won’t ruin it all by putting it all out here…though it may be cool to track back & see how I predicted the future with frightening accuracy. I’ll keep it a surprise for myself, watching it unfold like a dinner napkin.

There used to be a fish spot out here on The Ave called Pile Em Up. It closed down, as colo’d folk establishments tend to & was reopened--I assume under the same management--with the name Stack Em High. They mean the same damn thing; & serve as advice for what I’m about to be doing over the next few months. I’m going to continue to pile up the good times & stack laughter & joy as high as possible. & when it all falls over like a hoarder’s mess on my head, I’ll be surrounded by goodness.

& as nice as all that sounds, true joy would be actually being able to wear these shoes. Ahhh well…the knees & back have other plans. Perhaps you can have them; but you’ll have to search. My jealousy prevents me from providing the link to them. Happy hunting.

Watch me move.

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