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21 more things = 42

The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...


Milking the Trend

I don't believe in chance. Things happen as they should. At least in my life. One day I realized the power of my words & I haven't looked back. That isn't to say your words ain't powerful but are you using them to cause positive chain reactions in your own world? You may not be but Imma gon' out on a limb & claim my demigoddess status. Cocky much? Not at all, you just gotta jump out & claim yours too.

Evidence? Of course I've got some.

So, I taught resolutions & declarations today. Everybody had to define, decide on which they were making & then gon' & do it in writing. I can't ask them to do something I haven't done--well I can, but... So I demonstrated the brainstorming process again & let'em know what's important to me. They like that. I decided I was gon' declare & then resolve 'cuz I could see the patterns in my brainstorming process. I shared some'a what I've shared here--6th grade friendly of course--& then let'em go.

Like I posted here, I'm going back to grad school. One & done. During a student-free moment, I went online & started researching tuition #cotdayumb & application dates. What did mine eyes discover? That the due date for 1 of the applications is the 15th. Of this month. I don't know where the money for this is coming from but I'll make another declaration: IT AIN'T GON' COME OUTTA MY POCKET! Because I said it...it is so. There's no coincidence, in my mind, that I'd say it's gon' happen & then have life hand deliver me a sooner than later date that I have to adhere to if I intend to start school by the summer OR fall. Life said, "shit or get off the pot." Lets just say I might don't do constipation.

Example #2. Just yesterday I was telling Benetton Boo about my consideration for actually getting paid for my time. I have more than 1 person vying for my services. Something said proceed with hushed caution, feeling at 1st like they couldn't exist together & I'd have to choose 1 or the other. & now it appears that I may be able to freak them both, maximizing my earning potential for my precious time & affording me some other opportunities. I went right on 'head & claimed abundance for this year. I meant that in dollars & sense (double entendre & play on homophones) & it's paying off. #itsonlyday3 & #snotagame

That may seem a little less than shiny to you, but it's just a small example of how things fall in line for me. But I figure while I'm out here visionatin' & stuff, I #minuswell may as well put down a couple...2...3 mo' things.

1. I'm claiming both degrees. I ain't gon' make a decision on 1 over the other. I wanna study both, cotdamb, & so I will.
2. I ain't gon' pay for that 1 either.
3. Boo will be Beau. & then he'll be even more. But 1 thing at a time.
4. Laini will be come, even if she's the only. I hope You ain't scared by understand what that means.
5. Will own a home by this time next year; 1 with a back yard.
6. Will travel to Cuba no later than Summer 2012.
7. Will not be moved next year unless by choice. They've all been valuable learning experiences til now, but next year will be about growing this practice. Belee'dat!
8. Will have a home for my program by 2012.
9. Will begin writing the 1st of several books.
10. Become a certified Doula. No time line on that 1, just acknowledging it's going to happen.

10's a nice even number. No need to be greedy. I can save some things for next year.

Claim your own demigod/dess status. Whatchu claimin' for the TwennyLeben? Just be careful that yours don't cause conflict with mine. I'll not be sabotaged. #dontgethurt

Watch me move.


  1. It's funny that you did this. My pastor is preaching about Spiritual Pregnancy and is giving very practical tips on how to bring the vision that God has given you for your life to pass. Part of the process is writing the vision, which is what you have done and had the children do. It's good stuff. I'm working on mine this week.

  2. I started the lesson with the daily Warm Up, the QOTD
    Interpret the following quote:
    "If you fail to plan, plan to fail."
    Then we did the brainstorming & began the writing (5 paragraph essay). We'll finish the writing on Wednesday & then I'll guide them toward the connection between the quote & the resolutions/declarations themselves. I'd hoped someone would see & say but I must've fallen asleep & been dreaming when I thought that could happen.

  3. Like I said, that's some good 'ish right there. Keep on carrying on the tradition of the Bad Bishes of 205. We gets it done, lol