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Shoe Personality of the Week: 1/3/2011

HAPPY TwennyLeben!!!!

They say you should ring in the New Year the way you want your year to proceed. Aside from the headache which forced solitude, I rang in the New Year in a state of quiet relaxation & laughter while watching a comedy marathon. I felt a great sense of peace & I'm OK with that.

In the last post I said resolutions are for suckaz. I stand firmly behind that statement. However, as the Twenny10 became the TwennyLeben, I was struck softly upside my head with what my next steps will be. So, for me, but in front of you, I am posting 1 of my most important Declarations for the TwennyLeben.

These saddle shoes are symbolic of my next move. By the Summer, which will be breathing her warm breath on my neck sooner rather than later, I have a decision to make. Creative Writing or Digital Journalism? It's time to return to school. I've had a break for 4 years but academia continues to call. The direction for my Masters degree hasn't been clear til now. Yes, I'm still deciding between 2 things, but it's far fewer than before. As an Educator, I've considered Leadership. It's the direction many in my life see me taking, but it's not a vision that has unfolded for me. My interest in Programming has been moving in from the horizon & trying to stake a claim on my reality. I realize that it'll happen for me whether I study it formally or get on the job training. No need to spend valuable duckets on the inevitable. What I really want to do is get on top of my passions--no pun intended--& take control of this part of my destiny that has quietly waited its turn most of my life.

Enter Grad School. I hope to have a pair of saddle shoes long before the Summer; breaking them in well in time for my return to school. These shoes, more than any other, represent the Halls of Academia for me. Ironically, the only time I ever wore any was in elementary school. Now, I'm going to allow my fashion choice to be representative of my life choice & wear them both proudly.

After I've properly worn out the suede on the pair of saddle shoes I cop shortly, I'll probably be due for another break. & then, according to Benetton Boo, it'll be time for me to get up on the next leg & get my Doctorate. As he stated, lesser minds have them--why not you? So, the charge has been placed on my forehead & the nubucks will shortly be placed on my feet. & I Declare that I will move onward & upward to achieving my next goal.

Watch me move.

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