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21 more things = 42

The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...


Wait....What THEUCKF?!?

I need you to feel my deeeep sigh...all warm, bordering on hot, & full of confused disgust. If I were as awesome as Awesomely Luvvie, I'd be wall sliding right now.

Before you get your pink panties all in a bunch I need you to know that I'm not about to have a homophobic kids moment. I ain't got time for that. I AM 'bout to have a ?!?WTF?!? moment.

I've heard the radio jockeys discussing the despicable mother who should be tarred & feathered for exploiting her son for dollars on an issue that might don't make sense to a lot of people. When I finally got to see that the book was a children's book about a flitting little boy...all illustrated & not with pictures of the actual boy (though not far off) I wondered what the damn deal was. As a teacher, I'd have to say that most good children's books are inspired by real life situations that require exposure so that children can see & accept. From this mother's perspective, I can see where she'd be looking for a little acceptance. After all, it's not everyday that you run into boys dressed in tutus... Truth be told, when I'm in 1 of Chocolate City's teen grazing areas, I can barely tell boy from girl, with both making alternative choices to look more like the other. I ain't got time to decipher who's who, especially since they need to be "this old" to play in this yard. Compared to them, a little boy in a tutu is almost cute. Except it ain't.

But still not for the reasons you may suspect.

See, I'm confused on why ANYBODY is letting their children step out of the house dressed like this little boy was dressed for the Today Show. I don't give a good cotdayumb if it's son OR daughter. When did parents stop making certain decisions for kids because they aren't mature enough to make certain decisions for themselves? Back in the day it was making sure kids knew they didn't wear Play Clothes to school, looking raggedy & rough dried in the House of Learning. You went to school looking like something because school was about that life something. Now all of a sudden, families can't get kids to school because Lil So & So had a fit about what to wear. No Ma'am! My clothes were laid out for me & no one asked me anything. & because they didn't ask me, I somehow knew I didn't need to speak on it. It also took the weight off of me so I could do childlike things like....oh, I don't know....learn & play. When I got old enough to pick out my own clothes, they'd already been matched up when they were purchased. Wadn't nobody exercising personal style. That wouldn't exist, I was made clear, until I was old enough to purchase my own wears. Got it. Even my favorite colors didn't mean anything. As far as my mother was concerned, red (curiosity color) & black (not fav) were too grown for children. I didn't wear red till I was 14. Four. Teen. Da Mudda didn't play & guess what.......? It ain't a game with me either.

Can someone tell me when the switch happened? When did children's clothing become costumes? When did the line between ballet class & real life get blurred? & why does everybody still wish to be a princess? We are not the British. There are NO opportunities for little girls to become princesses in these United States. This whack dream is as far fetched as a great many black boys thinking they can be in the NBA & the NFL & don't need to actually get an education. EPIC FAIL! & If I see 1'mo little girl wearing a tutu who hasn't clue the 1st what First Position is, Imma lose my mind.

I can't tell this mom that she shouldn't let her son wear dresses. However, I do believe errybody needs to know time & place appropriateness. When we're going out in public to school you gon' put on what I say. At home, while playing, I might have to make another decision. Honestly speaking though, it would be just as hard for my son to want to dress like Batman at home as it would be for him to dress like a girl. Why? Cuz I ain't buying costumes just cuz. My son OR daughter would have to find a towel or an old sheet to make those fantasies come to life through play. & when playtime is over, you put Mommy's linens back where you got them from, or in the hamper, & saddown somewhere.

This family is on their own to decide what's best for the Jr. Jr. Kilodavis. Personally, I think the issue might be in their Euro-drug last name & the chemicals released into the blood stream by the pancake makeup Mom seems committed to. But who am I? Kilo Lite (no pun intended...Ion't think...) has the right to be who he is. & based on his parents, he has the right to be that before he even goes off to college. I'm old skewl & believe these kids have too much say so these days. Since they've opted to let him do as him gon' do...I can't pitch no pennies in their direction. I am still giving the #fuggareyallthankin side-eye to all of you who allow your kids to go out in public dressed as story book characters & superheros on days that don't start with Halloween.


Watch me move.

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  1. He reminds me of Lamar from "Revenge of the Nerds." But sadly he probably has a long and hard (no Amaechi) future ahead of him.